Feb 18, 2010

Surrender to Win

By: Krista Darrach

Sometimes the harder I try to make something work, the worse it becomes. You know, like when I’m trying to force knowledge upon myself, or make someone else do something they don’t want to do.

This week I’ve been struggling to come up with my synopsis. I had the outline of my book done: Forty-eight chapters all summed up, this took nine pages. I read all about synopses and talked with people about how to do them. For two evenings, I struggled to grasp what it was I needed to do.

Then I heard a whisper, “You're trying to make it work on your own.”
Talk about a brick to the head, once again I’m reminded that I must surrender and ask for help … and through Him all things are possible. I don't know about you, but I always need divine help-- in just about every aspect of my life, especially my writing.

Once I did as instructed, and with a little help from a friend. My mind opened and I was able to see the path before me. I didn't receive more knowledge, I received clarity and understanding. I knew exactly what I needed to do. Within an hour, I had blown through the synopsis and it was … dare I say it… effortless.

Obviously this is a pattern in my life, because I continue to learn this over and over. I’m just grateful I’m still able to listen, and still teachable. And maybe next time, I’ll recognize that if I’m going to win the battle … I’ve only got to surrender, and then the rest falls into place. 


  1. Good lesson to learn Krista but I'm with you, I'd like to start with surrendering to Him; then maybe He prefers we try on our own, then go to Him. Hmmmm!!!!

  2. I'm TRYING to be open for help all along the way in this writing process and it's been awesome to find He's there.

  3. Beautiful post Krista...soooo true!

  4. I like your distinction between gaining knowledge vs. clarity and understanding. So often in our battles we're fighting in the wrong place,or, as you say, we just need to surrender because the fight is unecessary (sp?)in the first place.

  5. Thanks guys! It is nice to learn for eachother ~ I'm so grateful to ANWA!


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