Feb 27, 2010

Aren't Sisters Great?

By Christine Thackeray

As we speak, I am at my yearly sister's retreat. I came from a family of twelve children with eight girls. Two years ago when my mother passed away, we decided it was time to get together, just us girls, and spend a weekend without children and spouses enjoying each other. We do hokey crafts, talk until the wee hours of the night and laugh until invariably someone pees their pants, (a result of having many children.)

This year my oldest sister couldn't attend because she was on a mission in Brazil. My third sister was also unable to make it due to grandbabies. In order to include everyone, we teleconferenced them in and had our own little "View." Each of us came up with a single question to ask of the group and it was FUN!
Here's the questions we came up with and our general consensus:

1. If you had armpit stains, would you want someone to tell you? (Apparently, in Brazil it's so hot, you're whole body is an armpit.)

2. What is your internal age?(We ranged from 11 to 30.)

3. Do you force a teenager to go to church? (We didn't really agree but decided it depended on the teenager and was essential to seek personal revelation about it.)

4. Have you ever had to chose between something good and something hard but better that other people thought was wrong like EVE? (Interestingly, we all got it and we all had. One sister had to spend a lot of time with one child because of LD's, but she knew it was right. Actually, most of these answers were children based which is the same reason Eve took of the fruit- fascinating.)

5. What would you ask Mother if she were still alive? (This was teary but as each of us asked the questions, whether about a recipe we didn't have or about an interpersonal issue we were coping with, we were given an answer by someone else in the group and we realized that although Mother was gone, so much of her wisdom was still here- through us.)

Well, they are all getting on their exercise clothes to go running which my knees won't do but I can at least go do sit-ups or something. Have a great day and if you've got a sister, call her. If not, find a close friend to be an adoptive one. Because life with a sister makes everything better.


  1. What a touching post, Christine!
    All my growing up years I wished for sisters...What a great blessing.

  2. Loved your post! I'd love to get together with my sisters. We never can arrange for everyone to gather at the same time, but we sure enjoy being together.

  3. Yes Christine sisters are special.


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