Sep 18, 2010

Accidents, Trials and a little bit of Scooby Doo

By Cindy R. Williams

I'm a self imposed Nervous Nelly, Mama Bear and Prevention Addict --especially where my children are concerned. I live my life with this --ahem --weird view, that I can prevent bad things from hitting too close to home.

Well . . . Mama Bear wasn't able to prevent an accident that happened last Saturday night. My sweet ten year old was smacked in the mouth with a batted softball. Not just a kid hit, but hit by an adult with my son only 15 - 20 feet away. My handsome little boy looked like Rocky Balboa in the tenth round.

His two front teeth popped out of their sockets although they remained hanging in his jaw bone. The dentist said if an adult had taken this hit in the kisser; it would have broken the upper pallet and possibly the jaw in several places.

It has been five days, and we are finally beginning to get on top of the pain, thanks to codeine prescribed yesterday by the endodontist. Those two injured front teeth are now bonded together with the surrounding teeth. It looks like he has crude braces on. Though not yet sure if there are some crushed bones in the upper jaw area, two root canals are scheduled in two weeks to allow for the trauma to die down.

For me, the Mom, this is killing me. As I rub his back and we watch Scooby Doo --I know he's ten, but Scooby Doo was his favorite when younger and it's now like comfort food -- oh how I wish it had been me and that he didn't have to go through this. I wish I would have gone with my husband, two sons and son-in-law to Barney Park to hit some balls. I still have this bizarre feeling that I could have somehow used my Mama Bear skills and prevented the accident.

No matter how much of a Nervous Nelly, or a Mama Bear or a Prevention Addict I am, I can't protect my children from the trials of life. We all have to experience the good and the bad and I will have to accept that this is the plan even for my little ones who are not all that little anymore. It's a hard lesson to learn and hard to ease up on my self-proclaimed nicknames for protecting my children. It reaffirms to me how important it is to trust in the Lord, knowing He is aware of each of us and will bless us and PROTECT us. When bad things happen it sometimes seems that we are left to our own devices. But I know this isn't so. When I reflect back on the past trials of my life, 100% of them have taught me what I needed to know and grow. I am so blessed.

Now it's time for some more snuggling, a nice strawberry shake and more adventures with Scooby Doo. Life is good.


  1. My daughter has gone through several surgeries and is slated for another soon. I can't tell you how often I've wished it was me.
    Instead we'll do what you're doing - pick out some favorite foods and comfort cartoons, or maybe settle in with a few good books...
    Hope your son heals up fast!
    Kids amaze me all the time.

  2. My son broke out with chicken pox the night of the first grade sleepover at his school (this was 25 years ago) and it cost me $40 worth of pizza, ice cream and Transformers to ease the pain. President Kimball, who knew what he was talking about, said pain is one of the best teachers. When I watch my children and grandchildren experience various kinds of pain, I am grateful that they are able to come out on the other side of it so much stronger and more resilient. It's good for them to find that the source of peace and comfort is where you always taught them it was.

  3. I hope your son heals up all right. That has to be so painful watching him hurt and not being able to do anything.
    I still love Scooby Doo. The live ones are even more comforting. Hope he has a wet nosed pet.

  4. You know ladies, it is soo good to hear that you have lived through similar things, and I mean lived through them and come out the otherside alive and well. Thank you for your supportive comments!

  5. May I say something from a kid's pov...I was one once if that qualifies me. What a kid will remember isn't so much the flings and arrows as much as mom comforting them and helping them move onto the next thing. He'll remember milkshakes, mom hugs and scooby doo more than anything else. You've handled it perfectly as did my mom. And believe me I scraped myself up enough that she had to learn to just accept my tomfoolery for her own sanity.

  6. Thanks so much Terri. A vote of confidence for mothering means alot. The worst is over, I think. He still has two root canals to go, but that is better than the damage, drama and pain he has faced. By the way, the word tomfoolery is a neat word!

  7. Wow, Cindy. I'm so glad that your son is recovering so well. I'm sorry he still has to go through the root canals, etc. but they will be insignificant compared to the pain he has already experienced. My friend's adult son was in a coma for a week after getting hit in the head like that. Your son was protected from more serious injury. You are such a great mom. I think Terri said it well. He will remember your care more than the injury. hugs~


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