Sep 4, 2010

ANWA Writers Conference 2011

I have the best position ever on the ANWA General Board. What position is that you ask? I'm the ANWA Events Coordinator, which means I work on the yearly ANWA Retreat, and also the wonderful annual ANWA Writers Conference. The ANWA General Board has firmed up the dates for the next ANWA Writers Conference. Note, I said DATES. This conference will be TWO DAYS and begin with sessions on Friday afternoon and evening along with Saturday classes.

So . . . here is what it's all about so far:

When: February 25 & 26, 2011.

Where: The Crowne Plaza Phoenix-Airport Hotel

On-line Registration begins sometime in September. Please keep checking on the ANWA Website to see when registration opens because there will be a set number of opportunities to pitch manuscripts to some of the agents and publishers. First come first served, and once these pitch sessions are full, well . . . they are full.

Presenters so far are:

Best selling author: Chris Stewart, THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE Series

Janette Rallison, our very own ANWA celebrity. Janette has sold over 700,000 books nationally including JUST ONE WISH, MY DOUBLE LIFE, MY FAIR GODMOTHER, and REVENGE OF THE CHEERLEADERS.

Elana Johnson, author of POSSESSIONS, and query letter guru.

Award-winning children's author, Conrad J. Storad, DON'T CALL ME PIG (A JAVALINA STORY), and RATTLESNAKE RULES.

Kelly Mortimer, agent and owner of Mortimer Literary Agency.

Angela Morrison, another successful ANWA member and author of YA novels, SING ME TO SLEEP, and TAKEN BY STORM.

Kelly Sonnack, agent from Andrea Brown Literary Agency. Kelly specializes in all types of children's literature, including picture books, middle grade and young adult novels.

Kirk Shaw, editor at Covenant Communications.

Cecily Markland, owner of Inglestone Publishing, and editor of The Beehive Newspaper. Cecily is also a published author and long time member of ANWA.

Laurie Schnebly Campbell, author of BELIEVABLE CHARACTERS: CREATING WITH ENNEAGRAMS. Laurie teaches many on-line courses.

Another new thing at this conference will be an opportunity to "Meet and Greet" the agents, publishers, and guest authors on Friday evening. People attending both Friday and Saturday of the Conference and/or staying the night in the hotel are invited.

Speaking of staying overnight in the Crowne Plaza Phoenix-Airport Hotel, Conference attendees can take advantage of the discounted hotel rate. Why not make it a short day-and-a-half getaway, and share a room with some writing friends? Divide the $99 room fee by four people, and you come in at a cool $25 each (plus tax). What a wonderful escape and some real time for you and your writing!

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section at the end of this blog. Also, keep checking the ANWA website for updates and to register.

How exciting that this great event is happening here in the Phoenix area!


  1. Okay, I admit I logged on to check my own post for any errors. Inspite of spell checking and doing the let it rest a while then go back and read it again, I always find something I need to tweak.

    This being said, I must say I AM SOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS UPCOMING ANWA WRITERS CONFERENCE. I LOVE THE POWERFUL PRESENTERS LIST. This is going to be a life changing event for many.

  2. Thank you for the info so we can all plan.

  3. I second everything Cindy said. The presenters alone are so amazing that they make the conference a "must-attend" event, but then you add in all the other bonuses! It's going to be awesome!!!

  4. I'm so excited about attending the conference next year, that as I sit here nursing my baby, I'm thinking about when I ought to start weaning him so I can stay overnight!!!

  5. I'm so excited to hear that Kelly Mortimer is going to be there! She currently has a partial of my MS, so maybe meeting her in person will be enough to sway her to a "yes." *jumping up and down in anticipation*

  6. Sounds enticing...particularly the part about coming down to sunny Arizona in February. And you've got a great lineup already. I'm definitely considering this one.

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone. With advance planning, the staying over night thing makes the conference even more exciting. Remember to keep checking hte ANWA website for updates and so you can catch the opening of registration. I would hate you to miss the opportunity to pitch to your favorite.

  8. Thanks for the info Cindy! you are all doing such a great job for ANWA!

  9. This sounds so exciting!! If I go it would be my first writing conference. Oh, I really want to go!!!

    Has registration started yet? I didn't see that it has but didn't want to overlook it either.


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