Sep 26, 2010

Releasing the Writer Within

by Cecily Markland

I signed up for an e-letter about dieting and weight loss and the second letter
I received started with this... FIVE MINUTE FREEDOM EXERCISE: The following
exercise helps you get in touch with the emotional, physical, and spiritual cost
of your eating and weight issues and the freedom you will feel once you you're
your back your power over food.

I couldn't help but wonder if the same type of exercise could be used to free
the writer within and help me get to the "skinny" of who I really am as a
writer! So, I tried it and, like the first day on a diet, I found it to be a
little uncomfortable right at first, but I'm seeing results already! What
follows is my "tweaking" of the Freedom Exercise. Try only takes five
minutes! Then, let me know how it works for you.

Close your eyes and get in touch with your feelings about writing and any
associated issues in your life. What has not writing (or overwriting...or
obsessing about writing) cost you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? Have
your unfulfilled dreams about writing impacted your relationship with yourself
and others? Are there specific blocks and fears they have kept you from
following your heart and going after what you've wanted? Write down any insights
in a journal.

Now imagine how your life would be if you felt free, relaxed and fulfilled when
it comes to your writing. Imagine that your failures or lack of experience or
other excuses no longer absorb your mental energy. You no longer feel powerless
or afraid, but talented, balanced, centered, and confident. Imagine, if you were
the writer you desire to be: How would you live? How would you treat yourself
and others? Imagine all of the energy that you used to devote to worrying and
feeling guilty about your writing instead flowing into creative and fulfilling
writing endeavors. Notice how you feel. Take account of any emotions or
sensations that arise. Use this exercise as often as you can, even once a day,
to support the permanent change you're making in your relationship to
writing...and to BEING a writer.

Record any insights in your journal. This exercise demonstrates the benefits
following your passion and helps you see the cost of failing to do so. Ask
yourself, "What is my freedom really worth?"

Now record in your journal the emotional, physical, or spiritual costs you've
experienced along with the benefits of freedom that you imagine you will
experience once you have healed this issue within yourself. How will your life
look and feel?

Now, whatever you do...whether you choose to participate in this activity of
not...take a moment and appreciate yourself for who you are and for all of the
hard work you are doing!

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