Sep 30, 2010


by Susan G. Haws
I have had computer issues today so here it is nearly midnight. I have to say I so look forward to my opportunity to blog here that it helped me keep persisting.
In my continuing saga of moving,I went to the old house today to do some work and noticed how the feel of home had already left the building. Like sloughed off skin or cut hair are no longer part of my body. Even though my figurines and my grandmother's paintings are still at the old house it is just a structure storing my belongings now. Home is where the people are.
Today I also discussed favorite books with a friend. So while I was working at the house I was thinking about how I want that special magic that breathes life into a story in my writing. What part of the story wields the wand? I know mentally that characters drive the story yet today I suddenly saw the plot of the story as a house and the characters as the people making it a home.


  1. Nice thought.
    It's also interesting how houses that are left empty deteriorate so quickly.

  2. Very nicely put, Susan. There is a sadness to moving that is similar to the way I feel when I leave one book behind and begin to write another. A sadness or melancholy mixed with excitement.

  3. I love your analogy, Susan. I am glad you were able to share it with us. Thank you.

  4. Hey Susan, if you see this comment, please email me your "Crazy Lady Blogs" I would love to add them to the




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