Sep 14, 2010

Refined Sugar Addict

by Terri Wagner

I confess out loud to the world...I am a refined sugar addict. I didn't know I was one until really today. Now don't get me wrong, I knew I loved candy...specifically chocolate candy, but addict???!!!

How did I come to this conclusion you ask? (At least I hope you're wondering.) Hoarders! Let me explain. I decided to dvr (notice how no one says taped anymore) a show about hoarders. I mean I love Clean House so I thought I might be interested in this one. It was NOT the same. The two episodes I watched nearly made me cry. These are people who have given up and are determined to stay surrounded by their filth. By the time they are on this show, it's serious business as in "we'll take your kids" (they did in one of them) or "declare your house a wreck and destroy it." At first I thought it was merely drama in the extreme and how happy they would be with their "new" house like the show with Nicey Nash (although sometimes the decorating isn't well received).

But no. These are people who don't want help, who resist it, and who will most likely go back to being hoarders right away. Their families are in angry and sad and highly frustrated. It's gritty, sad and hit me hard.

Why? Well, my sister moved in to help out with my dad. She and I decided to try a diet plan that had worked for me before. Living in the camper trailer for 7 months "made" me gain quite a few pounds.

It was the second go-around and I was having trouble keeping to it. My niece had her beautiful 8.5 pound daughter Olivia and I had basically skipped the first few days. Bottom line: I was contemplating, hey at my age what's the point?!

As I watched the show and saw the consequences of giving up, I realized I didn't want too. So I faced myself squarely in the mirror and said, you are addicted to refine sugar. I don't know how we are going to do beat this, but we are. You and me and a huge support system from Heavenly Father (and anyone else).

Then after that moment in time, my dad suddenly went off on how he quit smoking after 40 years (he quit many many years ago). I listened thinking ok this is important.

Moral of the story here: Make your motto be that of Galaxy Quest: Never give up, never surrender.

The moment of publication will come...maybe after you're gone who knows, but never give up. What a legacy to leave to your children.


  1. Most days I want to give up too. We will cheer each other on.

  2. One of the highly misunderstood elements of hoarding is that it can stem from deep-seated emotional issues, and the hoarder may need therapy to break loose from the state. Another element is that of habit. Another is ADD or ADHD. Another is lack of energy and/or a sense of being overwhelmed.

    The act of hoarding may come through any or all of these elements, so it's not just "giving up," although that could also be a factor.

  3. I mean to say, that could be a results.

    Many people who have had deprivations during childhood, such as people who went through "The Great Depression," exhibit hoarding tendencies. If we see the same economic upheaval in the next few years as during major depressions, we may see more hoarding activity in years to come.

    And then there are those who accuse LDS members of being hoarders because of the 2-years-supply thing. I think that view is finally morphing to an attitude of "Hey! They're not crazy after all!," but of course, that's in no way true hoarding.

  4. Hey Terry,
    Linda Adams is also in the process of kicking her refined sugar habits. If you are friends with her via fb maybe you should talk to her about her experience. She also keeps a blog about her kicking the sugar habit experience. I believe she is on the anwa loops but she probably won't answer email that way. All those emails can be overwhelming. Anyway, if your on fb you can find her and she'd be happy to talk to you about it.

  5. Thanks Monique I'll check that out. And yes Marsha that was just my very brief feeling when I watched the show.

  6. Very interesting post, Terri. You always leave me with something to ponder. Your timing is amazing, too. I have been mulling over the whole...maybe it's time to give up on writing. It's hard work and I don't seem to be making any progress. Now I am rethinking and setting some new goals. I will not give up!


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