Jul 6, 2011


By the time you read this post I will be half-way through a family reunion/camping trip. I can't vouch for my sanity by the end of this adventure. With adults being outnumbered three to one, anarchy is inevitable. Although there have been moments of structure combined with intensely strong feelings of love and unity, I fear soon the children will take over in a true “lord-of-the-flies” manner.

Having been thrown together in the middle of nowhere, forced to sleep in close quarters, and sharing food has resulted in a lack of sleep including brief interruptions in the night when spoiled grandchildren toss their cookies. Not having running water or indoor plumbing only compounds the problem of a quick and easy clean-up. My allergies alone have almost conquered me completely and I only have a box of kleenex as my aid. Antihistamines prove to add to my insomnia. I haven't slept for three days.

I will only be able to post this at the briefest of intervals since I only have internet access through my phone which is quickly losing power. Power is a luxury no one has in this forgotten place. This post is being written on a battery powered laptop which is also down to only fourty-four percent power. When it's gone...well...I don't want to think on it further. I leave you with this maddening question: If it's called “dueling banjos”, why is it a duet between banjo and guitar? Adieu my friends.


  1. Better you than me. Once a friend and I went to the Smoky's for a camp out weekend and ended up in a hotel room. Is still my fav camping trip...all the fun and a nice place to crash and clean up.

  2. Ahhh...memories! I laughed out loud when I read your question. I have often wondered that same thing myself. I hope you get some sleep soon! If you drink a Coke, will that make you drowsy? Works for my sil...Antihistamines make her wired, too. good luck!

  3. I am sure all the kids will have fond memories of this trip. The rocks under the sleeping bags, no power, no running water, and most of all out houses equal bad news not vacation. Better you than me. Give me the hotel and day trips.


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