Jul 8, 2011

Heavy Heart

by Tanya Parker Mills

I'll be honest. The last thing I want to do right now is write. Write this blog post. Write in my journal. Even write in my Scripture Journal. So you can imagine how difficult it is to pull up and even look at my WIP.

It's not Writer's Block, either. It's just that, for now, while someone very close to me is suffering heartbreak, I can only hurt for her. And, having grown close to the other person in her life, I ache for him, too. My heart is heavy (a phrase that may be cliché but is nevertheless very accurate in its description) and rather than turn to creating fiction I find myself replaying my own scenes from the past of heartbreak in my youth.

I'm sorry. I hope in two weeks' time, I will have bounced back enough to use this space more productively on your behalf.


  1. While I don't know your specific details (or need to), I can sure relate. Some ones close to me are making some huge mistakes and I can't seem to help them veer back on track. Add that to my unemployment situation and shoot I can't even get out of bed some times much less write anything. You're not alone if that helps.

  2. When you can't help or make choices for others but still must watch their pain or the pain they cause it is hard. Hope things get better.

  3. I am so sorry. I have learned that life is often hard, but I know that we are loved, that He knows our pain, and that He can heal our hearts. My favorite quote is often, "The Bible often says It came to Pass, it never says, It came to stay." Hope all is better soon.

  4. So sorry, hope everyone's hearts heal in time.

  5. Good quote, Patty. I'll have to pass it on.

  6. Love the quote, patty! Tanya, hang in there. Like the others said, healing and light is there with lots of prayer and patience. hugs~


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