Jul 27, 2011

By The Next Time I Post...

By the next time I post:
-My kids will be in school
-For the first time in over eleven years, I won't have a child at home during the day
-Swim lessons and summer movies will be over
-The puppies will be sold (hopefully)
-I'll have my Gospel Doctrine lesson finished
- I will have survived substituting in Nursery (I'm convinced that Nursery is the hardest calling in the church.  The people who serve in our ward are angels)
-My husband and son will both be done with separate Scout camps
-The salsa in my fridge will either be gone, or have gone bad
- We may, or may not, have squeezed in one last trip to Sea World (we paid extra for year-round passes, but haven't been able to use them yet)
-Amidst all the rest, I will try to fit in Doctor's appointments, dog grooming, shopping for school clothes and supplies, cleaning the house, exercising, grocery shopping, laundry, organizing the kids' rooms for school, and WRITING
-And at some point, at least once during the next two weeks, I will take a nap.


  1. Oh.....to take a nap......heavenly!
    Seriously though, I hope you enjoy your time alone. Just think of all the things you can finally get done!!

  2. I love it! I can't wait for the fours hours I will have with an empty house! And I love your list.

  3. Yes,I like your list, too! I remember when our youngest was getting ready to start school. I was asked repeatedly what I was going to do with all my spare time! That child is now entering the 9th grade. I have yet to see any of that spare time!!!


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