Jul 20, 2011


by Kami Cornwall

When my youngest son was born, my doctor - amid sewing my body back together - began listing the various things wrong with my lady-innards. I had been through four pregnancies and only two survived. I knew where he was going with this. My newest little bundle of joy almost didn't make it...twice.
"So, you're saying I'm done?" I was elated at the news. Of course, I was lying on the hospital bed leaving my life in the hands of three other human beings. One was controlling my heartbeat, the other two had just pulled a nine pound boy out of my stomach.
"Yeah, you probably shouldn't try to do this again. Some women are built to birth babies. You aren't one of them."
"Great! I don't want to be here ever again. Trust me." My husband and I have been great with that decision. Still are. We agreed if we felt like we were missing a child we would adopt.
A few years later I began to realize there was a need for foster parents out there. A friend of mine had temporarily taken on a few boys to go trick-or-treating and they were so grateful for the experience of having a nice family for a day. It made me sad to think of what their lives must be like without the same stability and love my boys have. I began the process of becoming a foster parent.
Then my brother-in-law moved in with us so he could attend college. The paperwork got put aside. Life got in the way. When I mentioned fostering to my mother on the phone she freaked out and lectured me on the dangers of fostering for thirty minutes. I never turned in that paperwork.
Fast forward to last Sunday. Our Relief Society president announced that DSHS would like a list of any of us who are registered foster families and encouraged those who aren't, who are interested, to become one. I talked it over with my husband and he agreed. We could do it. Our boys are older now and our guest room is empty.
I have contacted the office and filled out my information. The next step is to attend an orientation next month. Have any of you been foster parents? Was it horrible? Rewarding? I want to go into this with my eyes wide open.


  1. I agree with the eyes wide open thing. I hope it is a great experience for you and the child/children. I am sure you will bless children's lives.

  2. Some children in foster care are candidates for adoption. I have a friend who couldn't have children at all and adopted first babies and then a couple of foster care kids. Those four kids are lucky people.

  3. One of our sisters did it and claimed it was horrible. One of my old bosses did it and LOVED it. I think it's based on you.


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