Jul 12, 2011

Short Story Writing Contest

By Leesa Ostrander

I have been working on honing my skills for short story writing. A friend in my critique group led me through dissecting short stories and the actions of the characters. My 2008, 2009 and 2010 Great American Short Story books are very colorful.

I light of my pursuit I looked up some short story contests to enter. This one caught my attention.

We're looking for fiction that's bold, brilliant...but brief. Send us your best in 1,500 words or fewer.

But don't be too long about it—the deadline is November 15, 2011.

First Place: $3,000 and a trip to the Writer's Digest Conference
Second Place: $1,500
Third Place: $500
Fourth Through Tenth Place: $100
Eleventh Through Twenty-Fifth Place: $50 gift certificate for Writer's Digest Books

* The names and story titles of the First-through Tenth-Place winners will be printed in the July/August 2012 Writer's Digest, and winners will receive the 2012 Novel & Short Story Writer's Market and 2012 Guide ti Literary Agents. Plus, all First through 25th place winners will receive a free copy of the 12th Annual Writer's Digest Short Short Story Competition Collection.

I wanted to pass it on to all of my wonderful and talented friends out there.

I hope to see your bold and beautiful words in this magazine.


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