Jul 5, 2011

Fireworks Finale

by Terri Wagner

I ruin fireworks for myself every year. I just wait impatiently for the finale, it's my favorite part. And then when it's over, I'm bummed it didn't last long enough. It's best part and I want it first or during or mostly. The one-two punch fireworks are annoying. Just give it all you've got for 20 minutes boom boom boom.

I suppose it's the same way I write. I want to cut straight to the chase. I deplore lengthly words about the surroundings unless of course it's pertinent to the action. Like the big gray rock was used by the jedi to smack a foe in the head. I want action lots of it first, during and mostly. If it doesn't relate to the action, whatever is the point of all that "setting the scene business?"

Am I the only one that wants to know who did it first so I can concentrate on reading the book? If I try to read the book first, I end up skimming whole pages so I can get to the end. Did she win his love? Did he win hers? Did Jania ever marry? (That's a Star Wars reference.)

I have to laugh because right now I'm in a forced to be patient mode while looking for a job. I WANT to skip to the end. Anyone else that way?


  1. I guess we're different. I like the scene setting (to a degree--not overdone)and a slow build up that leads to the finale both in books and in fireworks.
    But not when it comes to a job search. My heart goes out to you. Being jobless is the worst!

  2. I understand what you mean, Terri. Reading Moby Dick was pure torture for me. I think there needs to be a balance, though. I appreciate time to breathe in a story after an intense scene. I don't like the story to end too quickly!

    Good luck wit the job search. Hugs and prayers for you my friend.

  3. My prayers for you are also continuing.

  4. With job searches I just want it to end. So I will pray you get a good job soon. With books I like it to build to a climax. Then I like to re-read my favorite parts after it is done.


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