Nov 7, 2012

And now back to our regularly scheduled lives!

by Kami Cornwall

Rumor has it that if Romney was elected he would begin WWIII, get rid of Netflix and all T.V. shows, and chop off the heads of all sixth-graders. It must be true because my son told me this was what was being said around the playground.

The talk on Facebook and college campuses isn't much better. Scandalous banter that Romney would get rid of Martin Luther King Jr. day, and that his slogan, "Keep America American" was used by the KKK. To be clear, his campaign slogan was "Believe in America" and he has never mentioned wanting to "rid the world of that irrelevant Martin Luther King Jr. Day."

After all is said and done, we need to remember that the president (which looks like will continue to be Obama for another four years) is not king. He doesn't get to royally decree anything. Not even to chop off the heads of sixth-graders.

I for one would like to breathe a sigh of relief that the arguing over which candidate is worse, is over. Can we stop now? Can we stop calling one another inherently evil? Can we begin to pray for our leaders to make the right decisions? Can we be good influences in their lives and work together to make things right?

Dare I say it? Yes.
Yes we can.


  1. Agreed! Loved your post! thanks!

  2. Agreed. My son also picked up some interesting "facts" about Romney during the election....makes you wonder. Despite my feelings of despair,I will pray for President Obama and our country in general. It take a village to raise a child and more than one man to ruin a country.

  3. Many good points. As a Republican Precinct Captain, (the lowest position in the Republican Party) I will continue to be engaged.


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