Nov 25, 2012

New Week - New Thoughts

by Marsha Ward

I've enjoyed seeing all the Thanksgiving posts, reminders of all we have for which we can be grateful. Now it's a new week, and we're heading pell-mell into the rest of the holiday season.

It's been grand working with so many partners as we've labored to write here on our little contribution to the blogging world. Every six months, they have the opportunity to elect to stick around or to take off for greener pastures. Two others besides me, Kari Pike and Terri Wagner, have stayed the course over our six years' existence. What troopers they are!

This year I've been very fortunate to have completed and published a fourth novel in the Owen Family Saga series, Spinster's Folly. I owe thanks to so many people who kept me working on that task, among them, many members of ANWA. However, I want to single out one dear friend who was especially encouraging: Kathy Van Horn. In her quiet way, she managed to remind me why I write, which is to enrich readers' lives and remind them that they can overcome great hardships. Kathy has overcome much. She underwent two back surgeries recently, and after six months of wearing a back brace, can still light up a room with her smile. Thank you, Kathy!

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  1. Thank you to Kathy from me, too! I love your books, Marsha. And thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to keep writing little bits here and there and share them with other. You are my hero. hugs~


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