Nov 29, 2012

Gadgets or Gifts?

by Kari Diane Pike

A professional organizer taught me a simple way to prevent disastrous closet avalanches. Every time I purchase a new shirt or pair of pants, or even shoes, I have to choose to let go of something already in the closet. Easy peasy! What woman doesn't like refreshing her wardrobe!

Supposedly this works for kitchen cupboards, too, although I'm still working on that one. I have a very difficult time letting go of my precious tools. (In fact, my husband claims that my passion for kitchen gadgets went too far when I swiped his good oil filter wrench to use as a jar opener.  BTW...Best jar opener ever!)

Anyway, I may not have used those star-shaped ice cube trays for the past two years, but I know that the moment I get rid of them, I'll need them. Right? I know they're not very practical -- it takes longer to get those cute little decorative pieces of ice (that are going to melt the instant I put them in the beverages and no one will notice anyway) out of the tray than it does to drive to the store and back with an entire bag of crushed ice. But I paid good money for those ice trays! Besides, when my overflow storage of kitchen tools started taking up garage space, dear hubby decided to remodel the kitchen. (Bwahahaha!)

That remodeled kitchen still smelled like new when we made a sudden move out-of-state a few years ago, and this summer, all those kitchen tools went into a storage unit, along with most of the rest of our worldly possessions, while we hunted for a job and eventually returned to Arizona. Now I see all that stuff as being rather burdensome. The cost of storing, maintaining, and eventually transporting those possessions makes them much less desirable. I'm learning to recognize more important gifts and blessings in my life.

While I spent the month of November learning to recognize, ponder on, and give thanks for the those gifts and blessings, it occurred to me that in order to make room for this abundance from the Lord, I need to clean out my "spiritual closets" and make room for Him.

What am I willing to let go of in order to accept His gifts?  As I sweep away cobwebs of fear, toss out bags of resentment, and polish away cloudy smears of envy from the windows of my soul, brilliant rays of light reveal hidden truths and help me see more clearly who I am and the plan Heavenly Father has for me. While my "clutter" took up all my time and energy and left me feeling trapped and claustrophobic, making room for the Savior is showing me endless hope, and joy beyond description.


  1. Thanks Kari. Great Post! I have a book for you about cleaning out your personal and spiritual closet. Virginia H. Peirce's THROUGH HIS EYES: Rethinking What You Believe about Yourself. The "H" stands for Hinckley. She is daughter of Gordan B. Hinckley. The book is life changing.

    1. I will look for it! Thanks for the recommendation, Cindy!

  2. Kari,
    I'm just the opposite. Since I've moved from Penna., I could kick myself for not bringing "this" or not bringing "that."
    Still, you're right. "Things" are a burden.
    And I LOVE your metaphors in the last paragraph.
    Great post <3


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