Nov 13, 2012

Push Along, Push Along!

By Leesa Ostrander

(when you read the post title, did the song come into your head? Do your duty with your heart full of song? If so, you know where I have been the past 5 weeks :-)
I apologize for the tardiness of this post.

I feel I am suffering from a bad case of “I only Want to Nap.”

It is mom undergoing surgeries for her cancer and I feel I need to nap for her or I am having the stress now catch up to me.  Or it could be that my husband has been gone for many weeks and will not be back until after Thanksgiving or all the other stresses that are involved in our lives.

With all of these “or” situations, I find I am just making excuses to why I am behind in my Nano count.

I found I am not very creative right now and struggling for words during this Nano month.

However, I have made other items a priority that has fallen in the past. I have talked to my mom, my dad and my family daily. This connection is fulfilling my daily smile bank. I have found with a solid connection to my family, the daily stress is not stress but another aspect of the day. It is not a check list item that I ma worrying about.

I have found I am a “head in the sand” person when things get too stressful. It has taken an extreme amount of stress for this to come out.

It is not a productive way to be. It is how I am at this point in my life.

What are you like in extreme stress? How do you continue to find the creative process and enhance your writing?


  1. Extreme stress tends to be the norm lately. I used to eat my way through it. I"ve learned that taking a few moments to write a cheerful note to whomever comes to my mind helps me shift my focus from myself to others. A run around the block helps my body and reading my scriptures opens my mind and tunes my spirit to enlightenment...which helps my creativity! Of course, I still resort to chocolate now and again.

  2. Good thoughts Leesa, for me . . . I have decided that quality of life is key. I CHOOSE to stop doing everything or expecting myself to do it all. I have found that I still get the most important things done, and I am enjoying the journey more.


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