Nov 4, 2012

Here Comes the Boom!

By Jennifer Debenham

It's so infrequent that I attend a movie and leave with a 100% satisfied feeling in my heart. I'm definitely a movie lover, but usually I find one or two things in the film that I wish had been done differently. Maybe it's the writer in me. Definitely it's the mom in me. It's pretty hard to find a movie that doesn't have a scene or two that makes me cringe and wish it had never been included.

Here Comes the Boom, however, is entertaining from start to finish. Kevin James is delightful as a biology teacher, Mr. Voss, who reclaims his passion for influencing students for the good when the music program at his school is threatened to be cut due to lack of funding. Because of his admiration for the music instructor, portrayed by Henry Winkler (and you will love him in this), Voss determines to do what he can to save the program. It turns out what he can do is fight--mixed-martial arts fighting, that is.

What ensues is a sometimes funny, sometimes tear-jerking, and ultimately heartwarming story that completely hits the mark. I do not recommend it for families with little children as the fighting is sometimes quite violent, but families with older children will find it fun, entertaining, and bearing many positive messages.


  1. thanks for the recommendation. We love movies, but like you, find it difficult to find and really good, and appropriate one! hugs~

  2. My kids just saw this last night and they said the same thing. They really liked it. "It was PG, mom." You don't get them too much.

  3. Gosh I'll to go see. Thx for the review.


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