Nov 5, 2014

Aaron, I Miss You When You're Gone Because . . .

by Andilyn Jenkins

We’ve been there. The girls are together, and one person mentions a negative quality about her husband and three other women laugh and rush in on their personal anecdotes, describing the smell, habit, or argument in colorful detail. We’ve tried laughing so we don’t look haughty but not adding to the conversation. We’ve tried changing the subject. We’ve tried negating their comments with a positive anecdote about our husbands. And sometimes we fall into the fun and add our (or should I say, “his”) story. All attempts leave us feeling like we’re a) chicken, b) unsympathetic, c) a show-off, or d) cheap.

No more.

Tonight, I want to brag, brag, brag about my husband. I’m going to leave out all smelly habits, pet peeves, and annoyances. Aaron and I have them. Just like you. But our relationship gains nothing by putting our most recent arguments on display for others’ amusement or critique.

After I’m done, I want you to add to it. Take advantage of this opportunity and the month of gratitude by posting here or on Facebook or in a text to your spouse five things (at LEAST) about your honey that you miss when he/she is gone. I look forward to reading yours.

  • You kill the spiders. (This made the list first because you’re sleeping, and a little bug just tried to cozy up next to me on the couch.)
  • Your jokes never get old.
  • You work hard for our family.
  • Our kids get crazy happy when you come home.
  • Evelyn thinks you can fix anything—and she’s usually right.
  • You clean the toilets.
  • You go to the store ten minutes before dinner because I forgot to buy cheese.
  • You love my chocolate chip cookies.
  • You encourage and support me in everything I want to take on.
  • You actually look at my fingernails after I paint them and conjure up an opinion on them because you know I care, even if you don’t.
  • Same goes for hairstyles, clothing choices, jewelry selections, etc.
  • You don’t care about my fingernails, hairstyles, clothing choices, jewelry selections, etc. because the subtle differences don’t change the “me” you’re in love with.
  • (Awe man, the little bug came back after I flicked it away. And it WAS a spider. Right now, you’re grateful for your loving wife who didn’t wake you up. I squished it with my bare hands. I'm going to have nightmares.)
  • You make the best salmon, ribs, steak, roast, and hamburgers I’ve ever tasted. Remind me why we eat at restaurants?
  • You cook dinner every Sunday.
  • You pinch my bum when I'm cooking.
  • You call your parents at least once a week.
  • You listen to me talk and talk and talk and talk AND TAAALK (anyone else singing “Pioneer Children”?)
  • You value my advice and counsel.
  • You introduce me to all the new, awesome music.
  • You update me on world news because I can’t be bothered to turn it on.
  • You tiptoe around the bathroom getting ready in the morning so you don’t wake me.
  • You let me sleep in 99.9% of the time (and I’m going to continue holding you to this statistic.)
  • You’re my sounding board.
  • We support each other’s faith and devotion to serving God.
  • When I’m not killing spiders with my bare hands and wrestling babies, you make me feel dainty.
  • You’re my tech support.
  • You tell me I’m great when I get zero kills but only die twice in Call of Duty.
  • You love spending time with my family.
  • No matter the space or time, you’re there for me and the kids.
  • You’re proud of me.
  • You’re my children’s super hero.
  • You’re my best friend.
  • I love you.


  1. Thanks for sharing these sweet sentiments, Andilyn! I love this always. you rock. (and so does my own hubby!)

  2. This is so very sweet, thanks for sharing. We really get caught in the everyday life, joking about our embarrassing habits. So rarely we remember to say outlaid the good things. You've done a wonderful job to make us think, and a beautiful love letter to your husband. =)


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