Nov 1, 2014


Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. Anne Frank

I love this time of year. The fall colors sweep the earth, making a giant collage of colors.

Everywhere I look I find variety. It seems as the seasons mature, the earth yields delicious fruit of the vine

before it slips into the frosty wonderland of winter.

I am grateful for the season changes and the cycle of life that surrounds me.

I can't imagine what Heaven looks like, but it will have to go some to be more beautiful than the surroundings God has already provided for us.

The creation of beauty is art. Ralph Waldo Emerson

God truly was an artist.


  1. Amen! Oh how I miss watching the colors change on the mountains. We finally got a cooler day here in AZ today, though, and of course we have our beautiful sunrises and sunsets almost every day throughout the year. Thanks for the wonderful thoughts and the photos. It gave me pause to think about the seasons in my own life and recognize the beauty in getting older too...something that I have been wrestling with. hugs~

  2. I get to enjoy an unusual luxury down here. Because of our location, I can actually watch a sunrise and sunset over the water. I always marvel over the colors no artist can ever really capture no matter how good. Aren't our eyes amazing that we can see the smallest definition of color.


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