Nov 8, 2014

Miracles of Missions

by Cindy R. Williams

We are told share our talents. We seek after things of good report. In an attempt to do both, allow me to share with you two mission miracles.

Four years ago, our oldest son served a mission in Cuiaba Brazil. While he was away, we had a flood on the main floor of our home. Long story short, there was enough money in the insurance settlement to buy enough tile to cover the entire main floor, even though the only about 1/3 of the floor was damaged--that is if we provided all the labor ourselves.

We did, and now have some lovely tile. We have often referred to this as the "Tile Trial" because at the time, the carpet was about 15 years old and in need of replacing, but with the recession, there wasn't a penny to rub together, yet we were blessed with this lovely new tile floor.

Our second son is now serving in the Texas Dallas Mission. About two months ago, the big 100 year storm hit us hard. Oddly enough, the upstairs of our home, the master bedroom in particular, flooded. The insurance settlement this time was enough to install top of the line hardwood flooring not only in the damaged bedroom, but the other two bedrooms, walk-in closets, landing, staircase and even the formal front room. That is if we provided the labor ourselves.

I visited with our oldest son, now attending BYU-Provo, about how interesting it was that we had two floods, one while each boy was out on their missions that has resulted in all new flooring through-out the entire house. He thought we were pretty clever to figure out how to have floods just where we needed new carpet.

Of course,  we could not even have begun to make something like this happen on purpose. But as we talked more about both situations, we came to the realization that with the cost of the flooring, plus what it would have cost to pay for the labor for installation the total for the new flooring each time would have equaled $12,000. The cost to equip and send out a missionary for two years is the same amount.

Our Heavenly Father blessed by giving us back all the money spent on our sons for their missions.

We are so humbled. How our Father knows and loves us.

I wonder what blessings the Lord has in store for us when our third son goes on his mission?

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  1. A blessing indeed! Thank you for sharing this testimony of service. And the importance of willing hearts and hands. I love this so much! hugs~


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