Nov 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I can't decide what triggers more feelings of coziness and delight and sweet memories - the heavenly scent of fresh bread and rolls just out of the oven or the savory aroma of a stuffed turkey roasting in a bed of onions and garlic and all the other stuff that makes it so yummy. Of course, if I were to open a debate, I would feel negligent if I left out the sweet fragrance of cakes and pies and puddings cooling on the counter, tempting fingers young and old to snitch a little taste. What I do know for certain - I am blessed beyond measure.

Last week presented me with a number of challenges - you know, stuff like our cars and appliances joining some kind of "modern conveniences union" and going on strike all at the same time. The week ended with both my husband and son going out of town and leaving me home alone with our psycho cat and a phone that only now and then charged enough to turn on and check for messages. Feeling sorry for myself, I sat in front of my computer - which did work, thank goodness - and consoled myself with a dinner of left over pizza and Lindt chocolate. Scrolling through Facebook, my thoughts turned to friends and how they have blessed my life. My first world problems transformed into opportunities to feel and express gratitude.

When my husband returned home Sunday evening, he gave me a new bag for my scriptures and journal and all the other writing stuff I tend to carry around. As I cleaned out my old bag, I came across several personal notes and cards from friends and family -  sweet words of comfort and thanksgiving that lifted my spirits yet again as I read them and thought about the angels who wrote them. So, here is the purpose of this post today: Never hesitate to say "thank you" or speak or write a kind word. It doesn't take a lot of time, just a moment or two - but the affect can be eternal.

Thank you for being my friends. Thank you for letting me share my little thoughts with you every other Thursday for the past seven (eight?) years. Thank you for always being there when I've needed encouragement and love. I hope this holiday season brings you lots and lots of everything that fills your heart with joy.


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