Jan 28, 2007

Good Friends

by Marsha Ward

I'm emotionally wrung out by some things that have happened this weekend, so this will be very short and sweet. You all are probably working on blog-reading overload, anyway.

I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for good friends who have been raised to my need, for their unstinting offer of help, and for their love and concern for me. I am truly blessed.

Thanks to all my friends who post on this blog, and all my friends everywhere who care for me. Sometimes life is just so hard, and you all make it easier.

Added by Marsha:

I've been gone to Phoenix most of this weekend, with my computer being worked on, so I didn't read Michelle's post before putting up my own. I sound like an echo, but I think it can't be said enough: we each act as God's hands and/or angels in various situations, and I've had the experience of receiving God's help though a sweet couple today. I'm very grateful.


  1. Marsha,
    I'm sorry life has been hard for you lately. I am grateful you had angels to assist you. We all love you and wish you much joy and peace and happiness. You have enlightened so many of us...we are here to be a light for you!
    God bless you, my friend!

  2. Amen, to Kari's comments. You are such an inspiration to all of us. I hope that your week goes better than your weekend!

  3. Thank you, Kari and Betsy. Your love lifts me up.

  4. Marsha,
    Sometimes I wish troubles were like left over picnic tableware - you toss it in the garbage and walk away. I guess they're more like dishes that got left in the sink overnight -
    Anyway, hope you bounce back into more cheerful circumstances.
    Thinking of you, Rene

  5. Oh, Marsha, I can't bear for you to have hard times. We all lean on you so. (Which sounds very selfish, doesn't it? Like I'm saying, Oh, don't be unavailable, Marsha, because you'll foul up my life. I didn't mean it like that.) All I can do from this distance is pray for you, but that I shall do.


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