Jan 24, 2007

Tag, I'm it!

by Betsy Love

Wow, five things you don't know about me? I feel like so many of you know me so well, (cough, cough Theresa, Marsha, Stephanie, cough, cough) and a few others.

Here goes nothing...or something...

1. Since moving to Show Low my closest friends are all much, much younger than me...such as my fellow ANWA sister Susan Lofgreen, my student aide Danielle Hall, and this cutie-patootie young man who comes in to entertain me after school while I'm trying to grade papers.

2. I've discovered I really do like the snow. I can't believe how incredibly beautiful everything looks covered in white. It often makes me wonder if I loved heaven...all covered in white. I love the way it crunches under my feet. I love the way it swirls around my car while driving. It's like looking down an eternal chrysanthemum. What I don't like about the snow is how stinking cold it is! I don't like scraping it off my windshield. I don't like having to warm up my car. I've also discovered that PT Cruisers DO NOT like the snow and cold at all. The car won't start, the hatchback won't stay open, and the poor thing slides all over the icy roads. It's too bad snow couldn't be warmer. (I know that's a silly thought).

3. I dearly wish I had a sense of humor like Janette Rallison. I envy her wit in her writing. When I grow up I want to be just like Janette!

4. When I was young girl, maybe nine or ten, my brother and I were going to build an entire carnival in the backyard, complete with a Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and airplane ride. We were going to sell tickets and make a fortune. What we discovered was that cardboard does not hold up well careening down a makeshift wood ramp. Alas we settled for bean-bag toss, paint your face, and knock the bottles over (we broke a few of those, too).

5. When my father adopted me at the age of fourteen my mother told me I could change my name to anything I wanted. For days I glamorized my name, Rachelle Cynthia, or Cassandra Hepseba, again, I ended up only adding a middle name. But Anne spelled with an e is much more elegant than just plain Ann. I can certain sympathize with Anne Shirley wanting to be called Cordelia. That name was taken, too, my grandmother's name...and who wants to be named after their really ancient grandma.

So If you happen to know any of this about me, just say, "Oh, well. She's almost as witty as Janette."

I tag --Susan Lofgreen, Lynice Stakebake, Theresa Sneed, and Joan Sowards.


  1. That was really enjoyable. You do have a great wit no matter what they say!!!!!! You are very funny. I really liked that blog.

    Valerie Steimle

  2. I like the carnival story. I can totally see my kids trying to do this. But they would try to charge money. Thanks for the chuckles.

    Jennifer Griffith

  3. My husband brought home these platform thingies one day, and my kids used them as stages in the backyard. They often put on plays for the neighborhood kids. I pity the poor kids who live cooped-up lived playing with their Wiis or PlayStations. Kick 'em outdoors, I say. Let them get some air and exercise.

  4. What a great posting! Made me smile all the way through it.

    I can identify with your name issue. I always HATED Elizabeth, and clung to my nickname (Tudy)so long that there are people who don't know what my real name is. When I finally gritted my teeth and began to go by Elizabeth, others shortened it to Liz, and I just went with the flow.

  5. Marsha,
    I tagged--Susan Lofgreen, Lynice Stakebake, Theresa Sneed, and Joan Sowards. I didn't come up with a fifth person. I told them to email you directly.

  6. Betsy,
    Thanks for playing tag. It is fun to see how alike and how different we all are. My kids made all kinds of theatricals and carnivals in our back yard. My brother, sister and I only fought to entertain ourselves.
    Terry Deighton

  7. Betsy,
    I have always enjoyed your sense of humor and your fun loving personality. It has always been a wish of mine to live closer to my ANWA sisters...even though I live a mere 5o miles away...it may as well be thousands as difficult as it is to get together. Keep writing...I can't wait to read more.

  8. Betsy,
    If you grow up to be me, does that mean you have to do my laundry and clean my bathrooms? If so, I may consider giving up the title of Janette Rallison for awhile.

    Love you, my fellow yellow!



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