Jan 30, 2007

Lorna's Five Things

by Lorna Hale, Guest Blogger

I just read everyone else’s blogs – I am impressed and excited to learn all the new things about everyone. Marsha, this is such a great idea. Now I just need time to read one more website everyday! :o)

Five things you don’t know about me. Hmmm

One, I am a stamp collector. I started collecting postage stamps when I was a young girl to be like my big brothers Ken and Michael. I have their old stamp book and have added stamps here and there over the years. I recently purchased a “Scott” stamp book with plastic holders so I don’t have to hinge the stamps. (It increases their value if they are not hinged). I specialize in US stamps only – and prior to 1960. Love the hunt for that one special stamp at the bottom of the pile, box or in a thrift store.

Two, I am a Bear Den Leader in my ward. I have been a den leader for over two years and probably will be for another 8 years. My Bishop in a recent interview said there are three “T’s: one was testimony, can’t remember two and three was tenure – “for ten years of service”. I tell you, I about choked on that one! Ten years as a cub leader – YIKES.

Three, I have earned my Wood Badge (another level of training for scouting leaders). I will receive my beads on February 10th. It is the completion of many hours of training and five tickets – kind of like merit badge items. I have been asked to function as a guide for one of the Wood Badges in October of 2007. It is pretty exciting. See, as I said I may never get released!

Four, I was raised in northeastern Indiana in a small town called Auburn. My parents were very fair minded and required girls and boys to cross train in their skills. My brothers all knit, crochet and sew and the girls (Connie Wolfe and I – yes we are sisters) can change tires, build garages and cut down a tree with a chain saw. My mother also butchered about 100 chickens every fall – and we included the entire neighborhood – Tom Sawyer style. We watched in excitement the chopping off of their heads and amazement as they flapped all over the fields without them. We then dipped their carcasses in boiling water and plucking the feathers out – and my personal favorite –we used a blow torch to singe the pen feathers off! I won’t even go into the time we butchered the pig.

Five, I have been married to the same guy for almost 35 years. Robert is an amazing soul with a huge capacity for growth. We have had a rocky marriage that required many excursions climbing the cliffs of life. Unfortunately the excitement is still breathtaking at times, with different family members standing on the edge of cliffs as they learn to traverse their turn on earth. Our marriage is solid now, and we are very happy. I sometimes wonder if I would change those years of struggle, but they have molded me into a woman who relies on the Lord for strength, the scriptures for guidance and my family for love. I am not sure that you learn the intense need for these three things without the trials in your life.

I live in Gilbert, Arizona and I manage to write sometimes. Mostly I spend my time working with my den (it’s like herding cats), working full time as a mortgage lender, part time real estate investor and of course ANWA takes a bit of time now that I am President of my chapter and the whole organization. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My mother always said it was “better to wear out than to rust out”. I certainly don’t sit still long enough to get any rust on me! Connie is getting me excited about genealogy again too. It has always been one of my dearest loves that has been sitting on the sidelines waiting for me to notice it again!

I would like to tag – Cathy Brundage.

Marsha's note: Cathy, please email me your message, and I will post it.


  1. Okay, Lorna - I am in awe. Congratulations on the Woodbadge. I know what that means. Good for you. I enjoyed your blog. Rene

  2. Lorna--

    I take my hat off to anyone who can be, not only a den leader, but an enthusiastic, Woodbadge-holding den leader.

    I can identify with your chicken story. My children and I killed, plucked and gutted forty in one day, and afterwords I wrote a song:

    I been killin' chickens
    Out behind the barn
    If you hadn't a went away
    They wouldn't a come to harm
    You went away and left me
    And made my life a wreck,
    I'd like to find just where you are
    And wring your pretty neck.

    Killin' time killin' chickens
    Almost every day.
    They remind me of you
    And besides they would not lay,
    All the ruts are full of guts,
    There's feathers in the hay,
    Killin' time killin' chickens
    'Til you come back to stay.

    (Alternate penultimate lines:
    I'm up to my hips in chicken lips,
    There's feathers in the hay).

    Loved your posting and look forward to meeting you.

    Re the stamps--do they need to be virgin, or can they be cancelled?

  3. Lorna,
    I loved the analogy of the cliffs of life. How many times I've watched my children teeter on the edge, some falling off. It reminds me of the poem, "An Ambulance in the Valley, or Guardrail at the Top" (Or something like that). I wanted to get my woodbadge, but at the time I was mommy to little onces and couldn't take the time.

  4. Lorna,
    Congratulations, Madame President! You are incredible and inspiring. The other "t" is for training...Doug remembers it from one of the World-wide training sessions.

    Liz, I shared your poem with my hubby. He laughed and said he could hear it on the flip side of a Country Hits 45...then shook his head realizing that comment shows his age! Thanks for the smiles.


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