Jan 23, 2007

Playing Tag

by Terry Deighton, Guest Blogger

I don't think I know five things about me that are interesting enough to write about, let alone five things that no one knows. I will be brief and fairly honest, so at least it will not be painfully dull to read.

1. I was born in Yoder, Kansas. Not many people know this, but since I don't remember the place and have never heard anything remarkable about it, I don't suppose anyone much cares. The only interesting part of the whole thing is the fact that my folks were in Kansas, in the very middle of the vast USA, because my dad was stationed at the navy base in Hutchinson. Spend just about ten seconds wondering why there is a navy base in Kansas, and you will have spent too long on this item.

2. I am really shy. Most people don't believe me because I can't resist giving my opinion, so people think I am out-going. In truth, I am scared to death half the time. I do anything I can think of to make my kids call the pizza place with an order because I hate to talk to people I don't know.

3. I nailed the ridge cap on our new roof when we added on to the house sixteen years ago. I am afraid of heights, too, so it was terrifying. My husband cajoled me up there and told me to straddle the top, so I would feel more secure. I made it by not looking down.

4. My daughter said that she was asked what her spiritual gift is in Young Womens on Sunday. She said that she can look calm even if she isn't. I told her I thought I had the same gift. The problem is, when you look confident, people actually think you know something. I am always looked to for advice or leadership, and, truth be known, I have no idea, either, what we should do or how to manage something. I have learned to think fast on my feet. I wouldn't want everyone to find out it's all a front!

5. Things I always wanted to do that I haven't done yet: go to Europe, get a book published, accomplish some real genealogy research, have grandchildren, and conquer my temper.

Terry has tagged Ann Acton, Betsy Love, Mya Fullmer, Debbie Reeves, and Heather Horrocks. Ladies, if you don't have your own blog, please contact Marsha for instructions.


  1. Ah, Terry, you truly do put up a wonderful front. To me, you are one of the most capable, talented people in our ward, and I have been supported by you so much. You even inspire me to be a bit more outspoken.

  2. Terry,
    You sound like such an amazing woman! I look forward to meeting you one day. We actually have quite a bit in common. I am glad you recognize your gift of "stillness." I know it is a blessing to everyone around you.


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