Jan 13, 2007

Yikes! It's My Turn!

by Michelle Meltzer

I am in awe at what I have read thus far and frankly feel unworthy of being counted as part of a group that has among its members such talented and inspirational women. I’m afraid that what I have written is not awe inspiring and may not even be that interesting, but it’s me. (perhaps not even the best me to present to anyone . . . )

I consider myself to be a writer. I’m not as prolific as some (or a lot actually). I write (creatively) to keep myself sane and balanced in a world of insanity and imbalance. I'm writing all the time in general because I have a short term memory that resembles swiss cheese. That's a whole other story and it is connected to why I write fiction and some poetry.

It’s my escape when I need to get away from the everyday wear and tear of living. It’s my survival when my feelings and thoughts get overwhelming and jumbled. I can focus on something outside my reality where I’m in control, where I answer to no one but myself.

Sound crazy? Well, in a sense it is I suppose. Everyone has their own way of dealing when the world around them gets too hard to handle. This is one of mine.

I’ve been inspired and uplifted by the words I’ve read in the posts. I can’t express how much I appreciate the talent, courage and heart of each of these fine women. It’s people such as these that give me the courage actually to put myself out on a “limb” like this blog and say things about me and thoughts that I would normally be too afraid to.

I have a book published. It’s my pride and joy, my baby. It is a long time dream come true, but it isn’t selling. One reason I’m sure is my fear of getting out there and promoting it. Putting myself out there. Selling myself. It didn’t help at all that the publisher did nothing to help in that department.

I, of course, didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know how to go about it. In short? I WAS STUPID AND INEXPERIENCED. I learned a great deal during the entire process, however, and have grown as a person and a writer. My book is still on the shelves of a couple of local bookstores on commission and there are friends and strangers alike who continue to ask when my next book is coming out. I guess I’ve done something right.

What I’ve learned and continue to learn among others are these things—

*Keep being inspired and uplifted by others. They help you uplift yourself.
*Keep putting yourself out there even when you are scared spitless; there isn’t a thing anyone can do to you that you can’t pick yourself up from. You’re not alone.
*Learn from your mistakes and move on. Look to the future.
*Keep learning (My whole life is in a continual state of flux. I can’t help but learn new things.)
*Keep trying no matter what.


  1. You wrote several great points about writing. Great piece and keep promoting your book! Get your name out there and don't give up.


  2. MIchelle, ignorance doesn't come close to stupidity. One can be changed, the other can't. And you have courage, too...

  3. Michelle, I like your five points at the end of your post. Being scared spitless is a pretty universal condition, even for much-published writers, so you're truly not alone in that. You have such courage and a great desire to go forward. Thanks for sharing that with us!

  4. Michelle,

    Sounds like you've taken a road most of us have traveled. There's a big difference between being naive and being stupid. We've all been there--strangers to the world of publishing. Any education is expensive; sometimes it's paid for in embarrasement and rue. But those lessons are not soon forgotten. That's why ANWA is so great--we're willing to lay our embarrassments out there so perhaps someone else can learn from our mistakes. Thanks for a brave posting.


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