Dec 4, 2007


by Betsy Love

This week has been one of joy as several things happened and I'm finding it difficult to pick one to write about.

Don't you just love Sundays? I do. Not because I get to sleep in, although that is a blessing, but because of the sweet spirit in attending Sacrament meeting. As many of you know our stake suffered the loss of our beautiful building. While the ward is strong and we meet in a building another stake graciously offered to share with us, we feel a little displaced. Bishop Huish conducted for Fast and Testimony meeting. He told us the FBI concluded their investigation and the church was turned back over to the leaders. Going through the ash and rubble proved to be a difficult task, but found among the remains were a few items which suffered only smoke damage. Bishop told us that the fire burned hottest in his office and the clerks offices and everything was destroyed, except for a small bag of items. His bore testimony of the love of the Lord for the organization who serves him the most is why these items had been protected. I sat reflecting on which organization had items in their closets and which things might have been spared. He then said that the items spared were the missionary plaques which hung on the wall in the hallway outside the Bishops' offices. My husband got to see them and he said our son's plaque looked exactly as it did when they hung it up. Andrew will be the first missionary to arrive home after the fire. I know Heavenly Father looks out for his missionaries. This past week Andrew was in an accident on a freeway that could have been much worse than it was. The only injuries he suffered was too his pride, which probably needed a little humbling anyway.

Sunday night our family went to listen to our daughter's choir concert at the high school. To hear these students sing of Christmas, the Savior, and the reason we celebrate, lifted my soul, truly a perfect way to begin the season.

Tonight, before blogging, I read Kathy Gore's poem, "Christmas Beginnings" and once again felt the sweet tug of the spirit on my heart.

May each of you feel the Love of God as you open your heart to this amazing time of year. And the may the blessings of peace, contentment and testimony fill your life.

Love to all,


  1. Our church building burned down a few years ago and the ward (which at the time was the largest in the stake) was split. Albeit a bit awkwardly, leaving us a ward and a very small branch. Even though I had been in the ward for a few years, it still seemed so odd and empty to see the burned remains of our beautiful chapel and to think how great it was no one was there or injured and yet how sad to lose the building. Depending on our location, we went church in several different places and in the end lost our ward identity. It's a hard thing.

  2. How great that the missionary plaquew were about the only things that survived the fire. And how awesome fire is; a wonderful friend, but a devastating foe. Yet, a building is only a 'thing' and can be replaced. Remember way back when the ward membes had to foot half the expense for a new building? Branches in a mission only a quarter. Again, count our blessings. Thanks for the account of your Sacrament meeting. Sometimes disaster brings on our greatest determination, inspiration, and togetherness. Remember Pearl Harbor.

  3. Wow, Betsy. That is amazing. Thank you for sharing that tender story.
    We do have so many blessings.


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