Dec 12, 2007

Merry Cozy Christmas!!

by Faith St. Clair

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

I don’t have anything inspirational or thought provoking to write about today. I am just enjoying the hustle and bustle of this Christmas season and feeling grateful for the tinsel on the Christmas tree that reminds me of my Mother’s love for Christmas that she passed on to me. I remember her putting the tinsel strands on one at a time, starting on the inside by the trunk and working her way out, putting at least three strands on EACH branch! I love the cozy lights and the baby Jesus in His cradle under the tree that still makes my 10-year-old pause for a quiet moment. I love every nook and cranny filled with red and green and lights and figurines and snow and music and joy that still makes my 18-year-old flash a toddler smile.

I am grateful for this season where my cozy surroundings (which doesn’t happen much in Arizona) can match my cozy heart – the one filled with gratitude for Jesus Christ, for His knowledge, for His example, for His love of all, for His quiet demeanor, for His humility, for His faithfulness, for His ultimate sacrifice. I am thankful for Heavenly Father whose brilliance never ceases to amaze me on a daily basis with his bounty and creativity and humor, who loves me, who gives to me every moment of the day, who safeguards me and who empowers me.

I am most grateful for the gift He has given me of a testimony that He lives and that His gospel has been restored to the earth this day. My testimony is the hearth aglow, decorated with green holly-speckled garland, twinkling lights and stockings in a row. It is the warm cocoa cupped in my hands and the fuzzy socks on my toes as the world's snow storm thrashes and the piercing cold ravages OUTSIDE my door, unable to penetrate. My testimony – my cozy – my peace.



  1. You said you didn't have anything inspirational to share...but I disagree. Faith, I love the way you use words. I felt your pure and simple testimony as you expressed your gratitude. I felt warm and cozy just reading your beautiful thoughts.I enjoyed your description of your children...a 10-year-old pausing...and an 18-year-old flashing a toddler smile! Those words conjured up such great pictures for me. Thanks for enlightening me today!!!!

  2. Not thought-provoking? I'm sitting here remembering many decades of Christmases and loving it. We're all a little different, but oh, we have so much in common. I loved your post--your descriptions, your vibrant character peeking through at me. I feel the hot cocoa in my hands, and the fuzzy socks on my feet (which right now are in sandals, and chilly) and my heart is warmed. Thank you.

  3. I have never thought of a testimony as being cozy, but you've certainly nailed it there. Not the burning one that causes you to stand against evil and thunder, but the one you hug around yourself in the quiet times.

    Loved your post. I wish I were like you, making my home Christmasified. I'm to the stripping down stage, where I'm dumping excessive baggage and streamlining my life. I kept the tree and ornaments, but the rest has gone to Goodwill. But your posting brought back the memories.



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