Dec 26, 2007

Day Late

by Terri Wagner

I had a note to remind myself that I had the good fortune to be the blogger for Christmas Day, and I even had picked out what would be appropriate, but my aunt passed unexpectedly and threw eveyone's Christmas holidays into overdrive. I'm back at work today, my nephew is due in and I forgot my wonderful Christmas message. I apologize.

In my childhood home, the 26th was always just another day (until said nephew decided to come to earth that day), and my mother always took down the decorations. Christmas was over. We looked forward to New Year's. To this day, I still have a tendancy to do that. It's the 26th, it's all over, everything goes back in its boxes for next year. Maybe she was that way because since my birthday was on the 5th, the decorations and tree and presents had been up for some time and she was sick of it.

No matter, the funny thing is I feel the same way. So my Christmas message is simply this: I hope yours was merry; this year, ours not so much. But having the gospel does comfort me in knowing precisely where my aunt is and how much joy she is having in being reunited with her family. And in the end isn't that the message of Christmas, eternal families?


  1. I did it again. Wrote a comment and deleted it instead of posting. How innefficient.

    It's sad to lose a loved one at Christmas time. Or any other time for that matter. I've noticed death as well as opportunities to serve seldom seem to come at a convenient time. No matter how you look at it, it's sad, because loved ones who leave are so very much missed. I suppose it's selfish of us, but even our prophets say to go ahead and mourn, but then get on with living, too.

    I'm impressed with the efficiency of all who have already boxed up Christmas. I've always waited for New Years Day. This year it will be easy to box up, because most of it was never unboxed. So you see, we don't knock procrastination around here. It often saves lots of extra (or needless) work. (It also often makes additional work, but I'll ignore that for the present.)

    And you're right about families. I'm thinking everything is eventually about families. After all, the whole earth, and maybe even the universe, came about as a need for a schooling place for our Father to send us, his myriads of children, off to learn what we need, and to experience separation from Him. We shouted for joy then. We now choose all the joy we can while here. Life is very good when we do our part, keep counting our blessings, and continually say, "Thank you."

    Have a great finish for 2007, and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  2. Dear Teri - How wonderful you were able to put something together, even if it was for the 26th - probably one of the most interesting days of the year emotionally. Do you put stuff up or wait until after the 1st? Is it the day you balance your bank statement and gulp that once again, you overdid? Or, is it the day you finally find that corner of peace and quiet that permits you to reflect on why you do all you do for Christmas?
    I hope you find that little corner. I pray you will have that comfort and peace. And personally, I was touched by your message.

  3. Thank you Rene. It's been an emotional rollercoaster in many ways dealing with non member family. I went walking on the beach last night with my nephew and just enjoyed the peace.

  4. Bless your heart, Terri. I'm sorry for your loss--the thing about losing someone at Christmas is that you always remember and grieve anew at that holiday.

    But, as you said, the gospel tempers the grief.

    We, on the other hand, have welcomed five new spirits during Christmas week, so we celebrate birthdays galore.


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