Dec 18, 2007

Have You Ever

by Betsy Love

Have you ever heard a carol that touched your very core,
The last refrain left you wanting more?

Have you ever seen the face of a child lit with glee,
All his hopes lying beneath a Christmas tree?

Have you ever smelled the fragrance of cinnamon, and pine
Leading to contentment, splendid and divine?

Have you ever received a neighbor’s gift baked with tender care;
Her love for you she simply had to share?

Have you ever been reminded as you held a tiny hand
of the Infant in a far and distant land?

Have you felt the love from our Savior at this time of year,
Knowing of His presence brings a sacred tear?

Have you taken yet a quiet moment from your daily living
To celebrate His birth and His perfect life of giving?

If you have done these quiet miraculous things,
You know the blessings that make the heart sing.


  1. Beautiful, Betsy. It flows for me. You've caught the best of the spirit of Chistmas. Thanks.

  2. I've been watching you develop this poem on the critique line. The blessings you mentioned truly are miracles. Thank you for such a lovely reminder of the things we should be focusing on this time of year.

  3. Thanks, Betsy. I've enjoyed the Christmas poems this year. It's a nice way to make us pause and reflect. Merry Christmas.


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