Dec 30, 2007

Looking Forward to 2008

by Marsha Ward

2007 had many great aspects, as do all years. Debuting this blog was one of the fun things I did, in cooperation with the great members of the blog team. They have done a super job with all their posts. In addition, your reader comments have added to the joy in my life.

2008 is coming on fast, and you can look to a few changes in our lineup. Donna Hatch will be leaving us, going on to other endeavors in her writing life. Kristine John will take the open slot on alternate Fridays. I anticipate many good posts from her. We're checking into adding bloggers on Saturdays, too. I'll introduce those team members when all the slots are firmed up.

May the coming year bring you happiness and contentment, peace and joy! Happy New Year!


  1. Marsha,
    Thank you for providing us with this opportunity to share our thoughts and life lessons and attempt to find our own "voice." You have done so much for all of us through the years. You are amazing!

  2. It's been a great blogging year, thanks to you, dear coach.

  3. You are indeed wonderful, Marsha, and I still haven't figured out how you find the time to do all the posting, reminding, keeping track, encouraging, instructing, and thinking up new things for our benefit. Maybe, your being the founder of ANWA is kind of like being a parent--you never give up on us kids. (In like manner, I'm sure glad our Heavnly Father doesn't give up on us, either.) Many, many thanks to you, and all the rest for the support that comes so continuously. When we count all these blessings, who can help but be happy?

    Bless you.


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