Dec 2, 2007

I Think it Snowed Last Night

by Marsha Ward

The only evidence this morning was in the cracks between boards on my deck, and residue on my windshield. However, the online weather forecast said we might get some snow here, and that it wouldn't accumulate, so I have to think it happened. After two days of rain.

I am so thankful for the rain we've had. One man in my branch said today that he registered 5 inches in his rain guage. For an area that's over four inches short of average rainfall this year, that is very happy news.

Many places have been plagued with unusual weather this year. Even mayors and governors have asked their people to pray for rain in drought-stricken areas. News anchors have reported with some incredulity that the heavens opened when that happened. Of course, they noted that it was too little, and missed the lakes that store water, but that's bad news, and bad news brings viewers, I guess.

The good news for me, is that God, Our Father, listens to and answers our prayers--even the unspoken ones. He might do this by having a friend make a casual phone call to a body and find out that a roof is leaking. Said friend might even pass along the word to people who then spend the better part of the day in the wind and rain on the recalcitrant roof, doing mysterious things with tubes of black caulk.

Wondrous are the ways of the Lord!


  1. Our angels aren't always heavenly messengers, are they? But they do heavenly work. There's so much good in the world! Thanks for the reminder, Marsha.

  2. Sometimes I miss the snow, but I'd rather see it than be out in it.

    I've never lived anywhere that the natives didn't say, "The weather is so unuual this year." Made me almost think unusualness followed us around.

    I loved the way you told how somebody fixed your roof. The difference between a 'writer' and 'someone who writes'.

    Amen to the statement that God, Our Father, listens to and answers our prayers. That's the most wonderful part of being mortal.

  3. The rain was wonderful! I am looking forward to more this weekend!

    I love the way Heavenly Father blesses us with the opportunities to be angels and to be served by angels. I have a number of people I refer to as my "angels" in this life.


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