Dec 16, 2007

The Climbing Wall

by Marsha Ward

There once was a man who took his children to enjoy the physical challenges of a climbing wall. He watched from the bottom of the wall, shouting encouragement as each child, in his turn, scaled the sheer wall, bounding from handhold to handhold, until each reached the top and descended, triumphant.

The children then turned to the man and said, "Now, Father, it's your turn."

Reluctantly, the man looked up at the wall. It was so high. How could he ever get to the top?

"Don't worry," said the employee of the facility who was known as the Belayer. "I will hold you with my rope. You will be safe."

Reassured, but with a great deal of hesitation, the man started to ascend the climbing wall. Slowly he progressed, until he was close to the top. But now, his hands seemed permanently curled into claws, his forearms ached so badly. He thought he could not go on.

"Just lean back on the rope for a moment, and rest," came the voice of the Belayer from below.

The man took a few minutes and did as the Belayer suggested. He caught his wind, but his muscles still ached, and he wanted to go down.

He could hear the voices of his children, urging him to finish the course, to get to the top. The man felt the strength seep out of his muscles. He just could not do it!

Then he felt a slight tug on the rope. The Belayer was giving him aid without his children knowing. The man put out one hand and one foot and climbed a step closer to the top. The rope remained snug and seemed to give him heart. Slowly, with the help of the Belayer, the man made his way to the top of the climbing wall. Amid the cheers of his children, he slowly slid to the floor.

Jesus Christ says, "Come unto Me, all ye who labor, and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." He will help us to the top of our climbing wall of life, just as the Belayer and his rope helped the man ascend the recreational climbing wall.

The Atonement of Christ is for everyone who has trouble climbing through life's adversities. Come unto Him!


  1. What a beautiful allegory. Thanks for the story!

  2. Wow! I've never tried cliff-climbing, but your alegory makes me feel I'd like to try. With a good belayer, that is. In actuality, I suppose, that's what we do all the time--minute by minute, day by day, hour by hour, etc.--climb, cling,
    weary, and worry. Thanks for the additional food for thought. What an inspiration you are, Marsha.

  3. Marsha, your allegory is simply beautiful. I love it! I would like to share it with my family for family home evening if that is okay with you. My son-in-law used to work at a rock climbing gym. He did everything from cashiering to "belaying." Several of the "kids" have been rock climbing. This will make a very effective lesson....and I will have all 9 kids, the 4 spouses, and the 10 grandkids for about 10 days!!!!


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