Jul 14, 2009

Get Up & Write!

by Valerie Ipson

Well, get up and sit down and write! I definitely need this as my alarm clock...

+Thanks to the Mormon Mommy Writer's blog for this UPlifting tune. Let's get up and write!

++Hope to see bunches of you at the ANWA Writer's Retreat this week :)


  1. I am at the retreat setting up. This place is amazing. It took several walk throughs to not get lost!! (If you have any night lights, please bring them. Tell others too. This place is so huge that it becomes a dark maze at night.) See you soon.

  2. It's not dark if we leave the hall lights on. Bwahahahahahahaha!

  3. Every energizing!! :)) [my NEW smile has a double chin, hence the extra ")" ~ ha ha]


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