Jul 21, 2009

It's Not Coincidence!!

by Terri Wagner

Last Sunday was one of those Sundays when all the talks dovetailed into my SS lesson and carried right on through the RS lesson (one thankfully I did not have to give). Because SS is Doctrine & Covenants this year and RS is still the Teachings of Joseph Smith, the lessons often overlap. It was just gravy that the talks also fit.

I marvel at the “coincidence” that happens when a teacher gives a lesson meant for her or him. I am learning more than I knew (and believe me I thought I knew a lot) and finding treasures where there were treasures before but now somehow not the same ones.

Re reading the scriptures from a teacher’s POV opens my vision to deeper and/or different ways of understanding even the most simple of gospel principles. I remain humbled that God would grant me such insight.

It’s the same with my writing. When I review the simple “rules” that so many of you share on this blog, I find a deeper or different way of looking at a piece I am writing. Which is inevitably followed by “Why didn’t I see that before?”

When I began this blog, it was with (confession here) the attitude oh I have so much to share from professional position as a writer at a trade publication (which is quite different from fiction writing) to I have so much to learn at the hands of others going through or who have gone through so much of what I am or will go through.

Like the scriptures, I find treasures in even the simplest of entries that brings that feeling that I am learning, expanding my vision and understanding and how much better a writer I am because of it. I don’t think this blog nor my experience here is “coincidence” either.


  1. Teaching and being taught by others is such a fulfulling circle--incomplete, I think, without both. Thanks for your thoughts, Terri.

  2. You practice what you preach!


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