Jul 28, 2009

WHAT...?!! It's not "THE END"?

by Valerie Ipson

Last weekend I read a book. After being 39th in line on the waiting list at the library for this particular book, my turn had come! Friday evening, barely before closing time, I checked the book out and that night I began to read. I was hooked from the start. It was a pleasure to read such a well-written book. My life for the next 24 hours revolved around this book. I raced to the end...how would it all be resolved? I had to know. As the pages became fewer and fewer, I wondered, how is the author going to be able to do it? How can she tie up all these loose ends to my satisfaction? What can she do in so few pages? She must be a genius.

Well, she is a genius in a way, and only following a general trend in publishing of leading into the all-mighty SEQUEL!

AHHHHHH! I was so angry. I got to the last page and instead of "THE END," it said "END OF BOOK ONE." What??????? No closure? Now I can only HUNGER for more?

The title of the book is fitting...


  1. I was going to see if I could find it and read it, but not now. I too hate being hung out to dry.

  2. What a hoot Valerie. Happened to me too with the third in the Eragon series. Supposed to be a triology...10 pages from the end I realized it couldn't be finished in 10 pages...so now I guess it's a real series, endless!!!

  3. That totally happened to me too! I'm still waiting to read the second one. I'm like number 100 in line at the library for it.

    Have you read her Gregor the Overlander series? I read the first book, and it is really good.

  4. Okay...so there is hope? Book 2 is out there? What's it called and how many "books" am I gonna have to read to get to "the end."

  5. It's titled "Catching Fire." I don't know how many books there will be in this series. If the 2nd one is anything like the 1st one, then I will be neglecting my children until I've finished reading it.

  6. I think I'll forego this series until it's all old hat and I can get all the volumes at the same time. if I live long enough, that is. if I don't, then I guess I won't care anyway.''

    Suzanne Collins does sound intriguing, however. Maybe, just maybe, I might bet tempted.


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