Jul 30, 2009

LIfe is Beautiful

by Kari Diane Pike

Moving day is already here! Of course it would happen to be the day I am supposed to blog! Two weeks ago I was supposed to post the day the ANWA conference began. Somehow my post got lost because blogspot tagged our site as spam??? Ask Marsha...she knows what happened. Anyway, This is quick, because helpers are already moving boxes into the trucks as I sit here among the stacks of 4oo something boxes. Here is just one little tender mercy recently sent my way!

I heard the final word about moving just before 9:00pm Tuesday, July 21st. I immediately drove over to the church to tell the Bishop I was moving is 10 days...and he was going to need a new RS President. Bishop Hunter opened his mouth as if to say something, then he stopped and grinned a big grin...his eyes twinkling...and he laughed. "Sister Pike, I just called a new RS President not an hour ago!" I hadn't told him anything about the possibility of us moving. As a matter of fact, Sunday I told him emphatically, I was not moving, that the potential renters had changed their mind and gone to Oregon.

My heart is bursting with Joy as I witness heavenly Father orchestrating this great life symphony. Can you imagine how many conflicting prayers He receives every moment? And He makes it all work...in His time...and to our benefit. WOW! Life is so beautiful!


  1. Wow, Kari, my life was so similar. We were renting last year and has looked at a house that I didn't want but felt good about. SOOO I decided to ignore the prompting when my bishop released me from being YW's Pres. So we bought the house and moved after all. It's been a good thing.

  2. Best of luck to your family in Utah!

  3. so glad things are working out for you! Moving was great for us too. I mean, the blessings ended up outweighing the sacrifices.

  4. Isn't it wonderful that we get these confirmations that what we are doing and where we are going are the right things. Will you still come to Retreats and Conferences? We are really going to miss you!

  5. Yes Kari I sometimes wonder too how HF works out all those conflicting prayers...and yet He does.

  6. Well, I thought i commented here before, but it must have been elsewhere. I'm so happy for you. By now you're already moved, but probably not settled. It's one of the more pleasant and rewarding trials we get to go through. Lots of work, but the payoff is new experience, new friends, and usually a real accomplishments. It's kinda like writing a book. Hard work, doubts, fears, more hard work, discouragement, and sleeplessness. And why do we do it? Because, though writing is not really that much fun, to have written is a delight nobody but the author can fully know. Or so Ive been told and do believe.

    I look forward to a long and happy continuance of enjoying you through ANWA.


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