Jul 7, 2009

Something to Crow About

Valerie Foy (Steimle) introduced me to ANWA several years ago. We started off meeting in a local library with little in common (or so we thought) except a desire to write. Valerie had 9 beautiful children, a loving husband, her mom and dad lived in the same area and in my humble opinion seemed to have that "perfect" Mormon dream. She was also friendly, nice and approachable...with a very nice figure for someone with 9 kids.

Things took a dramatic turn for her when first her mom passed away, her dad moved away and her husband passed away. Valerie was suddenly a single mom. She was ambushed.

After a period of mourning (but do you ever really get over it?) and a time of burdensome adjustments, she took the reins of our tattered Single Adult program and almost singlehandedly turned it around, topping it with a terrific well-attended conference in Mobile. No small feat I can assure you. She's happily remarried and back to being wife and full-time mom, roles she cherishes.

There was a purpose in her being single for a while. Not only did the program desperately need someone like her to give it resuscitation but it led to a book about being single. I cheerleaded from the sidelines because I know the value of a book addressing singlehood in a very family-oriented church. I've had the privilege of reading the manuscript and am even more convinced of its need church wide.

She covers every aspect from the spiritual to the practical with advice and instruction for confused priesthood leaders, overwhelmed SA leaders and how to survive single in a double-bed church. She utilizes not only her own heartbreaking story but includes comments from singles of all backgrounds (never married, divorced, widowed).

I owe Valerie for many things not the least of which is my membership in ANWA which I treasure. Her insight sheds a light on a dark corner because being an older single somehow feels wrong.

When Valerie tackles something, it comes out a touchdown every time. Hurrah for our fellow ANWA sister who has reached another touchdown in her book “Of One Heart: Being Single in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.”


  1. What a glowing presentation, commenting on a well-deserved woman, friend, fellow-writer, etc. I read it with nodding (in approval, not sleepy) head. It's a pleasure to know both of you.

    And posting at 5:57 in the morning speaks volumes in itself. Was that from getting up early or staying up late?

  2. Great tribute! I hope Valerie will have success with her book.

  3. Terri, what a wonderful blog. I didn't know about Valeries life, and her struggles and trials. Talk about a lovely person who made stars out of scars.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. What a sweet compliment to Valerie, Terri...and to ANWA. I do hope Valerie's book is successful. She is a beautiful example to all of us!

  5. Your blog speaks so highly of you both, Terri. I agree Valerie's subject is timely & needed & wish her book all success.


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