Aug 18, 2010

Happy New School Year

by Tamara Passey

Something about school supplies and fall fashions in the stores and I get nostalgic. I think the student part of me loves learning and gets excited -even though I'm not the one returning to school. Of course, being the mom of kids going back to school, I appreciate some order resuming to our household routine. But this is not a blog post about how nice it is to have a (partially) quiet house or a pantry that isn't raided every hour, on the hour. I happen to love spending time with my children over their summer break and I also love when a new school year begins.

I realize no ball dropped in Times Square, and we didn't count down at midnight on the First Day of School Eve. But I have caught myself in reflective moods, taking stock. Sort of the way I feel around the first week of January. Making a mental inventory of my projects and goals. And I think I figured out why I love the back to school time of year (and it's not just because of the bargains!) I love beginnings and all their possibilities. I know beginning some things are more daunting than others - starting a new school, learning a new skill or hobby, moving to a new state. But tucked away behind the apprehensiveness and fear is the possibility, all the things that could happen, the hope of something grand. So, in honor of the new school year, begin something new, even if its as simple as using a new notebook for your journal - imagine the possibilities!


  1. Those moments of reflection can be fun gauging how far along your personal track you are. Mine is always December since I was born then, Christmas is then and the last day of the year is then.

  2. The beginning of a new school year has always been exciting to me. I remember the first time the new school year came around and I was not a student. I bought some new pencils and a new book...I love the smell of new books.

  3. I like your idea of new beginnings. I must also confess a near compulsion to buy notebooks that I resist when I go shopping(must be the childhood training).

  4. Even though I don't have school-age kids anymore, I always get a quickening of the heart around this time. Plus, I stock up on paper goods at the sales. Anybody need three-prong pocket folders? LOL!


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