Aug 28, 2010

A New Direction

By Christine Thackeray

So I feel like I'm clipping through my WIP when I go and talk to my brother about it. Mistake. He tells me to go a whole different direction. The only problem is he makes sense. I talk to my critique group. They sort of agree with him. Ack!

Here's the deal. I'm writing a book on Herod the Great. Well, it's actually a series of books starting with him at ten when the Romans take over Jerusalem and covering each major era of his life and the history that created the foundation of the New Testament.

My brother thought it should be like Star Wars and I should start with the Christmas Story when Herod is old, wracked with pain and filled with vengence. By seeing the cracks in Darth Vadar, we become curious how someone could get there and then my next release would be the one with him as a bright young kid.

He's right, isn't he? Good thing the children start school next week. I'm determined to have a completed manuscript by Christmas so I've got to decide by next week. Once the kids enter school, I'm writing full-time from nine to three. That's the plan. What do you think?


  1. Sounds like a great plan to me. The story plan sounds incredible. I agree with your brother's suggestion. I need to get everyone around here on board with the "Mom is going to write while we are at school" thing...can it really happen?

  2. Writing from nine to three sounds like heaven. Tell me what it's like.
    Oh. The story.
    I like that idea too. Once you get into it, it'll be fun. But this is coming from someone who generally writes her endings before her beginnings anyways, so it works for me.

  3. I also like the idea of starting with his old, grouchy self! Were you planning on writing a whole book about his last, grouchy-self days? (Sorry, this is the first time I've heard your premise, so I don't know.) I wonder because maybe you could start the first chapter (or do a prologue?) with the grouchy-self ending, then flip to the next chapter as his bright young self. Then do book 2 in his next stage, then wrap up book 3 and come full circle.

    Just a thought! I just wondered if it might be nice to get the harsh contrast in one great opening!

    I can't wait to read it!!!


  4. Direction changing isn't easy - but usually necesary to go get where you want to be - at the other end of a well told story. Good luck. The schedule sounds fantastic!

  5. I think if you start with a fresh young boy as the MC the reader feels they should identify with them and they should be the good guy. Hey, it worked for Star Wars. Are you going to give characters in the later years of Herod's life that the readers can like Luke?

  6. Thank you. Yup. I've got characters of all ages. The only bummer is I thought I was almost done and now I'm only just begun. Oh well.

  7. Writing 9 to 3...sounds like a song. (Working 9 to 5...!)

  8. In a word, yes. Your brother is right.

  9. If this is a series, would you have chapter 1 be the same for each book, in Herod's "old age" point of view? I've done that with some of my books. Not the old age thing, but starting the story at the climax in chapter one, then flashing back years to the beginning.


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