Aug 21, 2010

To Blog is to Write

by Cindy R. Williams

Blogging. Some tell me it's not really writing. (You know who you are.) Well, if this isn't writing, then is it just messing around and typing words on a computer for fun or practice? Is it just a waste of both yours and my time? Some say it doesn't have a valid purpose. I say a hearty "NAY!"

Blogging is a way to connect with other people, and to share experiences and knowledge. I have learned so much about life, read great examples of faith and love, and learned tons about the writing process from technique to queries to publishing and life after publishing. It's also an avenue or tool to support each other and to lift and buoy up the weary.

Oh sure, we can waste time surfing blogs when we should be catching up on our chores, writing or even sleeping. Yes, some blogs are nothing more than sheer entertainment. (Beats TV, if you ask me, and if you didn't, too bad, this is my blog post.) Just like everything else in life . . . balance in all things.
What say you, dear reader of this blog? YAY or NAY. Is blogging really writing?


  1. It's certainly writing and, as with books, the quality varies. I've read that the best blogging (according to those who spend half their lives online) combines information and opinion in a light, sometimes humorous fashion. It's that last element that makes it so difficult a form for me to master.

  2. I vote for "it's writing." What else can you call sitting down and sweating tears to craft a small article? Yup. Writing.

  3. I sure hope it's writing! I just
    included my blog writing on a resume for a job application.

  4. So far we have four that agree that blogging is indeed writing. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, call it a duck.

  5. I know it's writing forget what other people say.


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