Aug 5, 2010


By Susan G. Haws

Help I have been hijacked. Or rather my agenda has been unexpectedly rearranged. My neighbor came over to help me with my yard. I need the help so while I had hoped to do that Sat. or even Mon., out I went. I managed to negotiate a truce with the weed eater. (We have never been friends.) So while my mom felt neglected and I am not posting my blog until night the yard is looking 500% better thanks to my kind neighbor.

I quick did some survival shopping and my mom is so happy to have company she is chatting like a Kathy doll. I am behind on so many fronts. Yesterday I asked my sister for a favor. It probably derailed some of her plans. I had to reschedule a dentist appointment this week. I am sure it upset their plans. I find that if I am prepared in most areas a change or setback in one area is not a big deal. If I keep my perspective that things can be cleaned and that health and safety are what is important; I find I am more flexible. But when I am already behind something small slows me down exponentially, or totally changes my course. Emotionally I find that if I am already off center something insignificant on another day can send me over the edge. It seems balance and preparedness like the ten virgins lead to reduced stress and success. What have you done to bring flexibility and control to your life?


  1. Oh Susan I'm rolling. What have I done to bring flexibility to my life...nothing. It comes. As the poet said the best laid plans of mice and men.

  2. Murphey's Law is one of the most disruptive laws in the universe. Too bad it's true.

  3. Okay, to answer your question means I might have actually done something to bring balance or control to my life. Can't say that I have. I do try to make the most of the slow times, though, knowing the busy times are right around the corner.


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