Aug 6, 2010

Time Out...Please?

by Tanya Parker Mills

We all need a Thoreau vacation (which I like to call a thorough vacation). Back in his day, all you had to do was pack a knapsack of essentials, hike to some remote spot and camp out--undisturbed by anything or anyone but nature.

Sounds nice, eh?

In our age of connectivity, if we tried Thoreau's approach we'd soon be placed on the Missing Persons list at police headquarters. So how about a modern equivalent?

What ties us down most and overwhelms our schedule to the point that we forget about face to face time with those we love, not to mention our Maker? What gets in the way of our ability to ponder? I'll tell you what intrudes on my thinking, creative time: TV, Email, Facebook, my iPhone (except when I'm using it to read), the Internet, Blogging...and that's just for starters.

Wouldn't it be great to pick a month and unplug from everything digital?

These days they call it a "Digital Sabbatical," and I think it's a must for writers and overwhelmed moms. You can read more about it here.

Now, since I'm obligated to blog here every other Friday, I can't do a full sabbatical...but I can come close and, as a birthday present to myself next month, I'm going to undertake my own custom-designed Digital Sabbatical. How does that sound to you? What would you be willing to forego for a little more peace of mind?


  1. True, except when you have deadlines. (Although most of mine are self-imposed.)

  2. We spend an occasional weekend at my parent's cabin throughout the winter. You can't drive there. There's no electricity, there's no running water. Up until my kids starting coming up, there were no movies or TVs. It is SO nice to have a break from it all, even just for a few days. It's spread nicely throughout the winter. I have too many friends and family in distance places for me to let go of my computer for much longer than that.

  3. I use my blog to keep my family up-to-date on our happenings. Other then that I've already started a reduced amount of time on fb. My time online got to be so overwhelming and time consuming something HAD to be done! I wouldn't want to give up email or blogging though. I use it too much for communication purposes with family.

  4. As long as I have running water and electricity and lots of books and some paper and pens. Let us know how your month goes.

  5. It sounds like heaven, but I wouldn't like it very long without email. It is my link to the world. :-)

  6. Tanya,
    Now that IS Heaven to go up to the mountains and have some time to commune with nature!

    I just got home from a two week sabbatical in the mountains. The sky at night is so totally awe inspiring! I reccomend it to one and all.

    Well, maybe all aren't into sleeping in a tent and listening to the rain hit the tarp above you all night - so use a camper or stay in a motel overnight... yip that would work - so long as you go outside and look up at the sky and walk around smelling the fresh air once in awhile! :O)



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