Feb 5, 2011

*Magical Title Generator

by Cindy R. Williams/Dreamer

Here's a fun link to play with. However, I caution you to not while away the hours with it. Go to http://mdbenoit.com/rtg.htm. It's a random name generator --not for babies or characters --but for titles of books. 
Some of the names inspired me so much that I not only wrote them on a list, but plan on writing a book to match the new title. The titles whisk me away to new worlds, mystic places, roads tunneled through trees, caves of magic, fairies in flight, castles under siege, a princess dancing with a mysterious, tall, crooked-smiling, half-masked man. My mind takes flight and soars through the land of creations and fantasy.
Here's where it gets into "it-probably-isn't-going-to-happen" because I have a list of around 40 books and stories I already plan on writing. It still makes me feel good though, kind of like the saying, "I have so much work to do I will never die" but in this case it is, "I have so many books and stories to write I will never die!"

Check it out and tell me if you found some titles that inspired you to write a book based on the new title. You may even find, like me, that you land in the middle of your own imagination and dreams. 


  1. This was fun to play with--made my imagination rev. I think my favorite was 'The ice of the flame'.

  2. This is fun Cindy! Maybe I can get motivated after all.

  3. My favorite out of the ones I got was "The Cracked Princess." Wow, you have over 40 ideas?! Lucky you! I only have 3 or 4 book ideas for after I'm finished with my current series. I hope I come up with some more over the next few years.

  4. Wow! That's addictive. I'm not going to admit to how many titles I have now. Some of my favorites are "The Nobody's Nobody," "The Edge's Edge," and "The Consort of the Stones." Some of the ones I got actually have promise.

    I think I stuck with it so long because I've had so much trouble coming up with a title for my new book. I have more ideas now.

  5. Ooh, I love anything magical, especially when it feeds my procrastination habit. Thanks for the link!

  6. I how fun. I could waste alot of time there. Some of my favorites were: Storm of Witches, Heart in the Snow, Sons of the Shadow.

  7. I echo all the above thoughts. It's a wonder world for me.

  8. I broke away long enough to see if anyone else liked the link. Pretty inspiring and just flat out fun!


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