Feb 22, 2011

Weather Patterns

By Leesa Ostrander
I reflect on the strange weather patterns this year. Is it La Nina or El Nino? Either way I think the weather has derailed from normal. What does this mean in terms of writing?
It means to me, that I need a deeper understanding of what lies ahead. I will not go into my philosophical soap box, yet I want to discuss what this means in terms of my writing.
I feel that on my La Nina days I am dry and short on words. I ache for the counterpart El Nino to show up at my door. After a long dry spell and two Round Tuit Conference weekends, El Nino still did not arrive.
I took the signal that in these uncertain times, I need to step out and go to a bookstore.
I browsed and looked, read and felt dozen or more books. I wanted a swish of wind, a certain moment, an “ah-ha, this is the book.” It did not come and the man in the chair beside me began to talk to me. At this moment, I do not know what he said; it did not matter because the book in my hand is the lucky winner to bring in the rain.
The book I purchased is a book on daily writing practice and honing your muse, or I call it mojo.
It has many interesting topics and some days I am lost in the sound of my pen on the paper to realize the words make a story or thoughts that would still be filed in my brain somewhere. I can re-read a section and see a different perspective from the same words I read the day before. This book gives guidance and thoughts of where to take a drought in writing.
I am consumed by trying to find my mojo, and neglected to use the real source of inspiration. We have books and stories that burst of truth. These stories can direct, guide and give a different meaning each time I read them.
I asked myself, why did I spend so much time browsing titles, when I had the title in front of me. The Scriptures give my creativity a place to run. They can bring El Nino and so much more. I have sought a character reference and plots in the words in Moses, Matthew and Nephi. It may have nothing to do
with these valiant men; it has to do with my time to allow a talent to grow.
Although, I do love the writing practice book… it is not my source of inspiration, today.
I ask you, where do you go to bring the rain and let your story flow? I am curious where others find the mojo?


  1. Well Leesa I look at it this way, weather patterns have changed very little in over at least 2,500 years of record keeping. Just a mere 200 plus years ago, we were in a mini ice age hence snowy winters in Jamestown, VA where trust me it did not get that cold in the 80s when I lived there. So the only thing that's true about the weather is that the more it changes the more it actually stays the same. And that's true with writing as well. Nothing beats just sitting down and doing it.

  2. Great comment and good point. I did not think of it that way.

  3. I go for a long walk with my iPod. Never fails.

  4. the scriptures. every time...oh and sometimes I have to add some great music.

  5. I read fiction. Lots of it. Then I'm usually ready to tackle the page again. Sometimes it takes awhile, though.


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