Feb 1, 2011


by Terri Wagner

One of my biggest dreams was to be a history professor. I loved history, all kinds: military, cultural, kings-n-queens, even dry ole dusty things like the "Federalist Papers." One day I would put all that knowledge to some use. After all, when I fasted about my college major, I got this answer: Doctrine and Covenants 88:78-79. I took that as a personal challenge.

Fast forward, no PHD for me. But I continue to learn, to study, to seek to understand. And I have been aided in this endeavor because I live in the last days when that which has been prophesied has come to pass.

So what about Egypt? What was its role in ancient times? They adored Joseph for he saved them from famine; they enslaved Israel for they feared them; they promised to stand with Israel and Judah when Nebuchadnazzar came but didn't; they sheltered the Savior when Herod would have killed him; they were ultimately cursed by God and promised that their time of dominance was over forever.

So what is Egypt's future according to the Scriptures? Is it playing out today? How will affect us?

Funny years ago I was told to study the Russians, then it was the Japanese, now it's the Chinese or maybe the Middle East. Bottom line: study your scriptures and feast on the words of a living prophet. These are heady times and need strong faith...and worldly knowledge.


  1. I hadn't thought of Egypt in light of its role in the scriptures. Time to ponder . . .

    Thanks for the food for thought, Terri.

  2. I appreciate the faithful curiosity you have shown to my blogging. Your comments are always relevant and expanding on the subject I am presenting. Thank you!

  3. I love your thoughts here, Terri. I haven't given much thought to Egypt, either. Understanding the history of the world is so important to how we live today. i never really understood that until recently. Thank you for this thought provoking post. hugs~


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