Feb 15, 2011

Am I a Prude? Gasp!

by Terri Wagner

Recently, some LDS friends have strongly suggested that I watch "The Big Bang Theory." It's a TV show that depicts some very geeky people along some very strange people and some of what I suppose are considered to be "real" people. It's a spoof within a spoof. I love the characters. I feel a connection because in my younger years I roomed or were friends with people who were brilliant but lacked much in the social skills. I got my fair share of geeky (we didn't call it geeky back then) guys who swore they were to be my eternal companion. So I get it. BUT I'm finding it very hard to overlook the constant sexual situations. I mean it's in your face, unapologetic and for me personally not quite that funny. So is this a case of I love it but....? Do I keep watching?

Then I learned about "Fan Boys." A loosely based on true events story of some very Star Warish fans who cross the country to Skywalker Ranch before the pre-quels in the hope of convincing George Lucas to let them in on the future movies. One of the young men was dying of cancer. Along the way, they tangle with some Star Trek fans. Ok this is definitely my geeky side coming out. On a scale for me SW first, ST second but I do like them all even the odd Deep Space Nine.

Again though I love it, my head is spinning (I'm only half way through). It's vulgar and classless and tasteless and somehow not funny. More like teenage boys potty humor.

So what's the deal? Has the world gone mad? Have I gotten too prudish in my older age? Do I need to lighten up?

What say you?


  1. I don't think you're being prudish. I watch very little t.v. myself because there is so little out there that is truly high quality and clean that I choose to spend my time in other ways.

  2. Sorry, that last comment was supposed to be by johnsonteammom, I didn't realize my son was logged on. Stacy

  3. I agree with your assessment of the show. I don't watch it, and a number of other shows, because of the sexually explicit situations that arise. I do not want my kids to see that, nor do I want it in my head.

  4. That's why Clearplay was invented! (No, I'm not paid to advertise for them.) You have to wait for movies or TV shows to come out on dvd first, but then it allows you to set filters for violece, language, sex, "religious exclamations" and even disrespect for parents. So nice to be able to watch cleaned up versions of shows.

  5. First, I haven't seen those shows so can't comment on them particularly.
    I was geeky, nerdy teen and still love Scifi/Fantasy. Love Star Wars and Star Trek and Generations. I have noticed that a lot of related shows or channels that say a Star Wars Marathon or similar sort of shows may air on seem to be aiming at young (teen and twenties) males demographic, as shown by tasteless girls "behaving badly" video advertisements and,other similar poducts, during these shows.

    I do notice that some shows purposely are aimed for a certain demographic and add or subtract crudeness to appeal to the desired demographic. The show would have had a wider appeal if packaged with more class but that wasn't their goal.

  6. Please do not lighten up, Terri. We all need to keep the bar high, and do what we can to keep that kind of stuff out of our homes. I would not invite someone acting like that in real life to enter or stay in my home, so I choose not to invite them through the media, either. Our church leaders have counseled us to avoid anything that is not virtuous, lovely of good report or praiseworthy, as much as we possibly can. It only takes viewing one small picture to lure us down a slippery path of addiction to pornography and other vices. Thank you for giving me some thoughts to share with my kids. hugs~

  7. I haven't heard of either one of these shows, but I'm with you. This is one of the reasons I don't watch very much television (the other being the time issue). There are currently two shows I'll make time for, though: Doctor Who and The Walking Dead (I love me some zombies). There was at least one uncomfortable sex scene in TWD, but we got around having to watch it by pausing the show for a few minutes, then fast-forwarding. How I love DVR!

  8. Not at all! Most of tv is trashy these days, unfortunately. I'm working on ways to get my family more unplugged. If that Phineas and Ferb weren't so hilarious I would have done it already . . .

  9. No, you have good standards. Something that is slipping away in the world. We use to watch a lot more T.V. having been given a tivo as a gift with a lifetime subscription made it easy to find "good" (on many levels) shows. Over the last year our list has gotten shorter and shorter as tv shows have taken a big nosedive.

    I too love my clearplay and have been able to see acceptable versions of very good films that would have otherwise been unwatchable.

    When making viewing choices I think of the 13th article of faith. The prophet has said we are going to find an ever widening gulf between the Lord's standards and the world.

    Keep up you standards and have the courage to turn it off or walk out of the theater.

    -Nicole White


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