Feb 17, 2011

Run your Race

by Susan G. Haws

I don't know much about horse racing  but I recognize the beauty of a horse and the strength of a story.  I re-watched the Disney movie about the horse Secretariat and his owner and champion Penny Chenery Tweedy recently.  I can't help but be inspired by the example of this woman that had so many obstacles and so little support and yet found the ways and means to defeat the old boy's network at their own game and win the respect she deserved in her family and in the world.  She knew what she had to do and she did it even when it was safer and easier to quit.  In the movie she explains to her husband and brother that you must live your life full out taking the risks and being willing to live with the consequences no matter how high the price.  The trainer and the jockey  both had demons of their own to exorcise.  But Penny Chenery Tweedy recognized the will to win and the skills to get there in both of them  as well as the gifts of speed, endurance and heart in her horse. 
There were other fast horses and one in particular that challenged the big red stallion.  The competition is no less able that comes in second to the greatest horse that ever lived to this time.  In a different year number two would be number one.  But the strong competition highlights the excellence in the champion.
I love the scene just before the Belmont race when Penny tells Big Red, Secretariat, that she has run her race and now he will run his.
We each have our own races and our own obstacles and sometimes we are the also rans that have our own accomplishments despite not being the champion and sometimes we are the champion.  But we must run our races full out holding nothing back taking the risks and being willing to deal with the consequences. 


  1. My dad and I recently watched this movie. We both loved the life lessons this movie churned out. Dad kept saying I think this horse dies and how he had visited Belmont. Thankfully he was wrong about what happened to Big Red. I thought the best part of the movie for Penny was when her husband finally realized what she was doing was better than ok.

  2. Probably one of the best movies I think I have ever seen. I loved the story line of Penny most of all, how she was just a housewife and everybody shrugged her off as not knowing anything about really anything. So inspirational to see that ordinary housewives can do extraordinary things. Endurance, faith and drive, yeah, she had it all. Love it.

  3. I have this movie from Netflix to watch this weekend--now I can't wait!

  4. Terri, I totally loved that the husband finally got it. I had been kind of concerned about that.

    A person isn't just one role they choose to perform. A person doesn't park their brain at the door just because they stay home. Stacy, I love your phrase "ordinary housewives can do extraordinary things."

    It is an inspirational story hope you enjoy it Wendy.

  5. We watched this movie last week for the first time, and absolutely loved it! It contains so many life lessons. I remember his races...I was in love with Big Red. My dad had a side job at the race track in Phoenix. Eventually he owned a few horses, and even fulfilled a dream to go to Kentucky to the auctions and buy one there. It's an interesting culture.


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