Feb 21, 2011

Conference, Anyone?

By Tracy Astle

Soooo, whatcha doing this weekend?

Gonna be in Arizona? Gonna be chatting up an agent? Gonna be meeting ANWA friends in person for the first time? Gonna be seeing old friends?

Ooo, I wish I was describing my weekend, but alas, when you work in an accounting office, time off the week before a tax deadline isn't really an option. *big sigh*

I've only been to one conference, sponsored by SCBWI last October in Nevada, and I was so jazzed to go I could hardly stand it. I went to that conference alone, but looking forward to meeting one of my ANWA sisters, Kristin Pryzbyla, there. She's still the only ANWA member I've had the chance to meet face to face. The conference was great, but I can't even imagine how much more exciting it would be to attend an ANWA conference - great speakers, pitching agents, and best of all, the chance to meet so many friends I only know online. (Shout out to the PMWriters online chapter!)

Anyway, conference related talk has been flying all around our ANWA groups recently, so I thought I'd throw a few questions out for you.
     For first timers -
               1) How are you feeling about going to your first conference?
               2) What are you most excited/worried about?
               3) What are you hoping to gain from going?
     For repeat attenders -
               1) How are subsequent conferences different from first ones?
               2) What's the best part of conferences for you? (Okay, you can pick more than one if you must.)
               3) Any sage advice for the fresh faced first timers?

I wish you all a wonderful time with much success and knowledge gained. And when you're at the conference (with a little liberty taken with the words of Andrew Lloyd Weber) -
               Think of me, think of me working silent and resigned.
               Think of me trying to hard to put it from my mind.
               And on that day, that not so distant day when you are far away and free,
               If you happen to remember, spare a thought for me.
...and write good conference related posts on your blogs. : )



  1. Sure wish I could be there myself.

  2. This will be my second time. I am so excited! Wish you could be there too. I love your Think of me lyrics.

  3. I used to go nearly every year...I loved it. Wish I could be there this year. sigh.

  4. For first timers - (I'M A VERY NOVICE WRITER)

    1) How are you feeling about going to your first conference? I'M EXCITED

    2) What are you most excited/worried about? WORRIED- MY TIGHT TRAVEL SCHEDULE, BEING TO TIRED TO FOCUS.


    -Nicole White

  5. I'm going to the LDS Story Makers conference in May - there's a LONG list of friends I'll finally meet face to face and I'm SO excited! I'm insanely jealous of all of you able to attend the ANWA conference...

  6. Kari and Susan, any sage advice for Nicole?

    Nicole - Relax and take it all in, is all I can say.

    Jolene - have a great time at LDS Storymakers. How big is that conference?

  7. As the Chair of the ANWA Writers Conference, I can't tell you how excited I am that it is almost time. (Excited to get my life back too when it's over.) This conference is the most incredible one yet with something for every level and interest in writing. . . well clean stuff anyway! We have the chance to pitch to two agents and Kirk Shaw from Covenant Communications will also listen to pitches. Barnes and Noble is sending a rep to tell us how to get our books out there. Chris Stewart is flying in from Utah. The query guru of the USA is flying in also. Now as we all either get totally excited about going or wish we were going, please remember that we will be inviting attendees to do a write up about each class and we will print these in the upcoming ANWA newsletters. So everyone can learn something whether you go or not.
    The ANWA General Board has been working on this conference for more than EIGHT months. If you are interested in being on the committee for the 2012 writers conference, email me at planetplay@hotmail.com. Cindy


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